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I just watched War Horse. It was surprisingly good. Some very emotional parts.

Thinking about Brad feels so good. Complete ecstasy throughout my entire body. This morning I was thinking and it seemed like what I really want is just for him to be happy.


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War Horse was a really,

War Horse was a really, really good movie. I as usual expected complete shit, since there has been a tragic shortage of good, original movies lately. I love being surprised.

That picture is adorable. And I feel the exact same way about Brittany. Good for you, being all selfless n' sweet n' stuff.

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I do believe I have a new fb profile picture.


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Great, very evocative pic!

Source? A professional pose, or strictly candid?

Equally impressive photo (although "posed") is at the head of this review of the forthcoming movie, North Sea Texas:


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I'm pretty sure it isn't candid,

because I found the picture on Deviant Art, posted by an account owned by one of the two boys, and there are other pictures of him there.