At fans' requests: a Brad section in this entry!

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Maybe I'll put it last, so people who aren't interested won't have to read it and people who are interested are motivated to read the entire thing. How clever; it isn't often that I please everybody.

I'll put the most insignificant topic I'd like to write about first, to crescendo into the Brad at the end. It's just a picture I came upon (in more than one way *heehee*) on the internet. It's one I find particularly... exciting? Just see for yourself:

I didn't embed it out of courtesy to the lesbians, asexuals, and demisexuals–*cough*elph*cough*–here. (Actually I don't think any of these topics are really interesting to anybody but gays.) Anyway, I just thought it should be shared. Best ass ever? Quite possible (but I shall judge if I ever have the pleasure of seeing more of Brad; it does seem like his is 'worth seeing', even through the very loose sweatpants that he exclusively wears). I doubt even a straight guy would be unaffected by that. Hottest photograph I've ever seen (because I've never seen a clear one of Brad, save for his fifth grade year book picture).

A question has been in my mind, as well: what's the point in people preferring excessively large penises on guys? Like the whole "bigger=better" thing. The entire point is to massage the prostate, and that only requires about 3-6 inches for actual pleasure. After it gets past that it does nothing. There's no more physical pleasure. Unless it's with oral. But with that, same thing: who can fit 9 inches in their mouth? And if anal stimulation is your thing, that only requires about 1 inch or it won't even work. Seriously, I don't understand it.

And another thing. Fucking magnets, how do they work?

Also, apropos to my last entry, my sex drive is unusually high right now. For some reason I have a pretty strong desire for sex, and a high libido. I wonder why. I suspect it's out of the boredom and social isolation I experienced over the break, so it should be gone soon.

But I really should move on... to Brad! Today went pretty well. At first I once again doubted the feelings I suspect Brad of having. But every time that happens he changes that. What first changed my attitude to the subject was when we were socializing and I turned my head. When it returned, he was looking at me and then started glancing at other people. Sure it could mean nothing, but I have other hints, too. Like, when we were texting a few days ago, he came up with an alternate name for Latin, Roman Enigma Code (long story, it was actually kind of funny in the context and we had a short discussion about it), and he brought up that inside joke several times today. I think I read somewhere that when a guy keeps mentioning inside jokes that he shares with only one person, it could be a good sign for said person. Finally, we were reading in English and, since he sits behind me, I rested my arm on his desk and sat sideways (a position I do very frequently to anybody sitting behind me, though I did put my arm a bit further than I do to most people) and he accidentally (or not) made contact with my leg and arm quite a few times. It should also be noted that he's never turned down a high five from me. These things are all minor, but they just might mean something.

I might text him again tomorrow. Maybe ask if he's doing anything this weekend? :)


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Another thing:

Brad always gives me his attention, even when I try to tell him something when he's listening to someone else. It seems he just ignores everything else when I tell him something. He's even listened to me when I was facing the opposite direction and participating in a conversation with other people. He listened to everything I said in that conversation. (He then started a small one with me about what I was talking about. I love seeing his beautiful face talking to me. There isn't much more I love than his attention.)

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i have a high sex drive, make a game of it see how much you can wank a day (my records 5)


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I woke up an hour early this morning.

So I fapped.
And since you have a high sex drive, how'd you like that picture I linked to? I really like it. That guy actually has legs almost identical to Brad's, except Brad's legs and hands always have tons of cuts on them. Swimming accidents I think.

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dat ass be hot

Anar' ive fapped 3 times today im going for the record today, i can actually predicked, haha a pun, random boners now >:3

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you know what i just realized?

Anar' won't post the hawt pic for the sake of the Demisexi's, Asexi's and Lesbians but posts a STD ridden Pussy on my journal for mentioning a hawt girl wearing a bikini, Y confuse me

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Well nobody likes blue waffle

and I was just ensuring justice. It's my new rule. Only post hot pics in links, or you're getting STD pics.

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but it wasn't a pic ;)

you never mentioned i couldn't describe it ;) i win

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The blue waffle pic wasn't in response to your

horribly disgusting image. It was in response to MacAvity's picture.

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but she had clothes on


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Fucking magnets?

You just mean 'magnets are so fucking weird,' right? Not, like, magnets used for fucking, 'cause that would be... weird. Don't really want to think about that.

I don't understand about the penis thing either. My roommate joked last night that she planned to choose her husband based on blood type and penis size, and she was half serious about the penis size thing. I don't understand, at all, but then again, I'm not really into penises of any size.

That picture didn't have too much of an effect on me... sure, that guy has a really nice body, but the pose and the jockstrap were thoroughly unappealing. And why would you think it would affect straight guys, but still be inappropriate to show to lesbians and asexuals?

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I wasn't really serious about that straight guy part.

Though it wouldn't make sense for a woman to admire any ass that she can't fuck.
And watch'u talkin' bout? The pose and the jockstrap are what make that picture so fucking hot!

Interesting thing about penis size. Back in the Renaissance the perfect man was believed to be hairless and with a very small penis, which explains the art of Michelangelo. Body hair and large penis were seen as animal traits, and therefor contradicting the humanist movement. It's just funny to see how the common preference has shifted to the opposite. The body hair thing is still the same for twinks, though. I don't like body hair, either (which is why Brad's perfect because swimmers don't have body hair).

BTW, the magnets thing was a reference to an internet meme:

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Hoping for a lower libido! :( :(

Honestly (really!), I really wish I had the ability to share (and properly take advantage of) your very active mind...

Wishing for a lowered libido truly blows mine (i.e., my mind)!

We do agree whole heartedly on the reverence some hold for disproportionally large penises. Makes no sense... Means nothing except possibly (and sadly) to those who feel that possessing a large penis is their sole admirable trait.

But... those who glorify and take pride in the anatomy on the opposite side are equally imponderable! I must admit, however, that the pic (which you --- probably correctly --- declined to embed) is quite artful! Maybe even a bit erotic... :)

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I didn't say I wanted a lower sex drive.

I just predicted it. And my hypothesis was correct: my heightened libido was in fact a direct result of lack of contact with other people my age. And it's already started to return to its pre-spring state as I'm once again becoming more interested in music than anything (except Brad).

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My sex drive is always high and even higher when im around people

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I'm not sure if some of

I'm not sure if some of these questions are rhetorical or not. Hm.