Awkward Phases

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I've always wondered if a former teacher and I are friends. I asked once but I was her student then, so the answer was a "sort-of" but not awkwardly said. She wasn't offended either. In a way I feel we are friends, since we would talk about things so easily, and we would talk on so many subjects and would make jokes and the like.

These post-high-school days we exchange email to keep in touch. And if I have time I make a pop-in every few months (but I also see my other former teachers as well). Maybe I shall inquire again, "Are we friends?". Seems awkward though. But maybe it isn't so awkward anymore now that I'm just a student who's in college and not inhigh school.

I think it would be nice to have an older friend. But I can't help but wonder where I'd fit into her busy lifestyle and all that, that is if we were to be friends and meet up to hang out and such. Maybe I'll just forget about it. Afterall where there's a young friend of an older person it usually means that the younger person has ulterior motives.

So maybe I'll just need to avoid the stigma. Shame though, since she's so nice.

In other thoughts, I've been cleaning out the music room. I've started to go back to my roots in a very slow process in which I start recording my work again instead of just knocking off and using the recorder for the side projects and sound experiments. God, how I love recording on that old 4-track. Tape mixing is an art, stone me, but it's an art to me.

However it's also an art I need to refamiliarize myself with. But all will soon be back in my head when I start to produce my folk tunes and sound experiments. Someday I'll go back to live performances too, man I miss the crowds and the stage. Someday. Man I remember this one time I was doing a gig at this park and these kids came to see me play.

They were all blown away, maybe I was their first concert. lol, their person looking over them gave me 3 bucks, I would've kept playing after that one song but I'd had a previous engagement to which I could not be late. It was fun. I had fun back then, just playing for people, making their day a little brighter sometimes. Or sometimes pissing people off with my songs.

Which was fun when I aggravated this little wannabe gangster. He was trying to rap and drown out my guitar and harmonica but he was no match. lol goodtimes. Maybe goodtimes will be back again.


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Well, I stay in touch with

Well, I stay in touch with one of my old teachers, and I never really felt the need to ask that question. It's implied, really. If you can rely on her and talk to her then I would think that makes you friends. The teacher/student relationship doesn't really matter anymore now that you're older, because you're an adult now.

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Yeah, I'm know about the student/teacher thing be irrelevent, however (maybe I'm stupid like that) I'd need to hear it from her.

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Doesn't sound too awkward.

It sounds like you and your old teacher are sort of friends now. Don't see why you need to change anything.

Why don't you play music at parks anymore?

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Well it's quite sad and beautiful,

I had a 2 year long affair with a classical guitar. It stole my heart and mind, but I'm breaking out and returning to my roots, my folk-guitar and it's former glory. :-)