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Wuthering Heights is a horrible book. I got to page 100 and quit, and I rarely quit a book, especially if it's assigned for English like this one was. We took a quiz over it today and I wrote her a note: "Yeah...haven't really read the book, in case you couldn't tell. Whoopsie." I hope she doesn't take that as a smart-ass comment and get mad at me for it. I was just being honest. But yeah, classicism isn't my style. All I see in this book is a bunch of rich people exchanging spouses and doing fucked up shit in the name of "love." At least I can read a summary of the book on the internet.

I've been writing random aphorisms on scraps of paper and leaving them on desks in every class, like "Some people are so poor, all they have is money" and the like. I also wrote a Dr. Seuss quote in my health textbook, right next to a picture of a penis. People are so fucking immature. Teehee, you drew a sexually explicit picture. How witty and bold you must be.

I'm starting to give up on the possibility of anything other than friendship developing between Brittany and I. The boyfriend thing isn't the issue. She's just too scared to explore her sexuality right now, even if she does like me. I also suck when it comes to reading body language and all that attraction bullshit. I've even resorted to taking online quizzes from teen magazines. Which of course is useless. They're all far too superficial.

We're supposed to hang out Sunday. I'm hoping to get home from my grandparents' at a decent time, shower really quickly, and then chill with her until curfew. If something comes up or she forgets, I will cry angst-y teenager tears, the worst kind of tears out there. Maybe she'll want me to go to her house like we had planned last time. How nerve-wracking. Racking? Nerve-racking? Nerve-wracking? Blonde moment. Whatever. It makes me nervous, okay?

I had to cancel my college visit because I'm taking my ACT for the second time, and of course the ACT falls on the day I was supposed to go. I've heard that my college of choice is full of beautiful artsy hipster people. We shall see. Also, my AP exams and my finals overlap, so I've been stressing over what finals I'm missing and when to make them up. Would it have killed the school board to extend the final day of school two days so exams and finals wouldn't conflict with each other?

I love cruising down open country roads in my car. Just past my neighborhood is nothing but open fields and tiny little forested areas with secluded roads leading to nowhere. I like driving on them, just taking random turns and getting lost for awhile, listening to Stone Temple Pilots. That's a great band to play while you're cruising through the countryside. It's rock with the tiniest hint of country and blues.

Too bad gas is expected to go up to five dollars a gallon this summer. I can't really go on as many cruises as I would like as it is. If I'm struggling with gas prices now, summer's gonna be a real bitch.


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Not sure...

How a note that ends with "Whoopsie" won't be interpreted as being a bit smart ass...

"You can judge the whole world on the sparkle that you think it lacks" - Dawes, When My Time Comes (

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Well, I have her response to look forward to on Monday...

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well maybe you'll read The Great Gatsby at some point. It seems to be way more entertaining, not to mention some action!

And about that college that " full of beautiful artsy hipster people.", is it a Liberal Arts college? It would explain a lot.

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For some reason...

I could never get into Gatsby, but if I see discount tickets to this, I might go, just for the sheer audacity of it:,com_shows/task,view/Itemid...

"You can judge the whole world on the sparkle that you think it lacks" - Dawes, When My Time Comes (

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I read The Great Gatsby

I read The Great Gatsby freshman year and I didn't like it very much because it was like a soap opera in a book. But I should probably read it again, considering I wasn't much into classics that year. And yes, it is a liberal arts college. Hipster central.