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Okay, so with exams I have lots of free time atm because im pretty much done them all except one. This is why I have been reading so vigorously. Ive read one series about gay vampires called Archangel Academy (Unnatural, Unwelcome, Unafraid), a si-fi book called Carnival by Elizabeth Bear which was strange and interesting. There is one im about to start called Call Me By Your Name by andre aciman.
The other books are just as good, these are just the ones from the past week : Halo, Hades, iBoy, Starters, Cloaked, The Ivy, Ashes, Immortal City, Wereworld: Rise of the wolf, Rage of the lions, Shadow of the Hawk, Hounded, Hexed, Hammered, The Awakening, The Summoning, The Reconing, The Gathering. Im waiting on Fear, The Calling, and well at the library it says I have 42 on hold. :D
Gawd I love to read. XD :P


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That's some life. Life is

That's some life.
Life is always good when you have plenty of good books to read.'s picture

So true, if I didn't have

So true, if I didn't have books to read I don't know what I'd be doing.