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i can feel it in the air,

its the time in the Scottish year where life returns, the flowers are already back but the grass will grow in massive amounts along with the roots that come with them.

the Midges will come in the TRILLIONS! (thats actually a understatement apparently) they will be fucking everywhere fucking little biting bugs they are the most irritating animal in Scotland, im not done with bugs yet wit the massive population bloom Spiders, Wasps and other fucking predatory insects populations increase since this massive food source just appears, THEN small mammals populations boom because of the bigger insects the only good animals that boom are Deer, Highland Cows & Seals

the thing i don't get is how can these midges survive in temperatures below 0 its below 0 right now and sometimes in the summer it snows how can they survive i always thought they were cold blooded, meh but i guess if a Grass Snake can survive here they can easily.

just watch Bear Grylls showing how to survive in the wilds of Scotland, he cut of the Skin of a Dead Seal and used it as a Vest for Swimming between islands to grab sea food then swim to the Mainland, Awesome.

Apparently the Orca and Dolphin Numbers are increasing too, sweet now they can be spotted in Fife awesome and the Pikes in Loch Ness are much bigger than the rest of Britain too, 'cause everything better in Scotland, we should try to keep them out of the Clyde though for there own protection.

i saw a Deer in the park just outside of the woods, it looked at me and ran off

and the Crows are Teasing my dog :\


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In California,

We don't have midges. Ha, ha. Take that, Scotland!
We also don't have cold. We're getting some nice rain right now, but even that barely happens often enough to keep the plants alive. And when it rains, it rains properly, the fun kind of rain that you can dance in, not drizzling-for-days-on-end kind of rain.

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we get massive rainstorms too

they flood everything in a few minutes and last for hours

don't you have Mosquitos though? Midges don't carry disease though

areas are odd in Scotland we have large Forests than span for miles and vast open plains that are extremely cold during the summer

count yourself lucky tempertures in scotland go between
-27 (average mid winter) to 20 (heatwave, this heat kills people here, literally)

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I live in the place with the best weather in the world, pretty much. There's a place about half an hour's drive away that might have slightly better weather.
There are mosquitoes in the mountains, but not here. We have no annoying bugs here whatsoever. And the temperature gets uncomfortably hot for a few days every summer, and cold enough for frost a few nights every winter, but that's about it. Between those two mild extremes, it fluctuates pretty wildly, though.

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we have a guy

from California at our school, last year at the begining of winter it was -8 and most of the Scots had shorts on, he had 2 shirts 2 jumpers and a jacket just to stay alive, and in the summer was 17 he was wearing the same stuff and every Scot was almost naked and almost dead, i got Heatstroke he was fucking fine.

it was hilarious when we had a massive Snow storm and they snow got 5 foot high he was so excited to see the snow, went outside for 5 minutes his fingers were unable to move properly, he was near fainting in the cold and was shivering like a wreck and had a massive amount of clothes on too.

its quite funny

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id also like to say

i have no fucking idea whats going on in the RP on dA