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Well, I posted this on my fb, so I guess there's no reason to retype it...

You know, the more and more I think about it, it seems like in all of history, in all civilizations, all governments have been oligarchies, no matter what else they call themselves, and all else is just a cover for that, the fundamental ruling caste buttfucking everyone else.
While the objectives are the same, the methods are all different, as in North Korea, they do it by starving and crushing the working class into such absolute penury they have no time to focus on what the government's doing.

In Qatar and Saudi Arabia, they rule by giving the working class huge amounts of money, contenting them enough to not worry too much about the ruling class.

In China, they do it through incredibly subtle manipulation of public discontents, and efficient enough management to keep the economy booming, which keeps discontent from arising in the middle class.

And even the US seems to me, not all that different from China. All politicians there are are members of the ruling caste. When we're "voting" and choosing someone, all we have is choices between people who are different in their methods, but their main goal is the same: to look after the interests of the upper class.
There have never been any blue-collar politicians.
So while we get to choose the specific people in charge, all we'll do is vote out one member of the 1% and vote another in, the objectives don't change.
And the vast majority of positions in the government are also, not elected, the supreme court isn't, the government bureaucracy isn't, the cabinet isn't...

While our government is better in some ways than China's, for example, because they at least have to appear to care about the people, they're not really different.
The ruling class can manipulate public opinion very subtly. For example, using words like "freedom" and "liberty", they make free markets a very popular concept, which is of course to the benefit of the ruling class, in a free market, there's no regulations to tangle with when buttfucking the populace.
They stigmatize certain words, like "communist", and "socialist", a Republican can call Obama a "socialist", and while there's no self-evident reason socialism is necessarily bad or un-American, it's effectively an insult, because the word has become so stigmatized, and able to use to manipulate public opinion.
And they create conceptions like "America"="good", and then make concepts they want "American". This is a way to appeal to the natural patriotic arrogance of people.

For a particularly horrifying example of this, look no further than this:
At a recent Santorum rally, 2 men recently got up and started making out. The crowd, predictably indignant, starts chanting.
But they don't chant something that at least has to do with the issue, like "fags get out" or "smear the queer" or something, you'll notice they start shouting "U-S-A" over and over again, as if to somehow demonstrate that being gay is "un-American".
Of course, there's no self-evident reason why someone couldn't be gay and love America, in the same way that someone could undoubtedly be a communist or a socialist and love this country.
But it comes from a certain way that the ruling 1% has managed to equate ideas they like, that benefit them, like capitalism, and, apparently, being straight, with being "American", and of course, anything that's American HAS to be good.

Once the ruling class can manipulate public opinion enough that the people support the government and then grow bored and stop paying attention, then they can get down to their dirty work, extending their power and influence without us ever noticing.
For example, no one, including me, knew before 60 Minutes pointed it out that for some reason Congress made it so that for them, and only for them, insider stock trading is legal, they can trade on non-public information.
A law had been introduced intended to stop this, but of course it had little support, before being rapidly passed after the 60 Minutes article brought public outrage.
What a surprise.
But they do other things too. Like recently, earlier this year, they passed a massive law that had a single clause in it giving the President the power to imprison American citizens on American soil without trial or charge, and with no outside oversight, indefinitely. Tell me that's not terrifying.
For another example, a certain amount of prisons are no longer run by the government, they instead contract them to be built and run by private corporations, like the Corrections Corporation of America.
These corporations make a ton of money keeping people in jail, and they take some of that money, millions and millions of dollars of it, and use it to send lobbyists to Congress.
Anyone have a guess what they lobby for?
That's right, stiffer mandatory prison sentences, extended jurisdictions, restraining judicial discretion, tougher enforcement, the works.
This allows these corporations to press Congress to do something in their best interests, be "tough on crime" (you can't get elected with a "soft on crime" policy), which is also in the best interests of these corporations. This gives them more money, and more ability to send more lobbyists, and it's a virtuous circle, benefiting, once again, the politicians and rich people, again at the expense of the working class.

I could give far more examples, but the point is the same.

Most horrifying of all, perhaps, was the 2010 Citizens United Supreme Court ruling.
This horrified me even then, because included in their arguments, they said "money=speech". If we accept this, the implications never end.
If money equals speech, doesn't that imply rich people have more speech?
Indeed it does. Rich people have always, always had more speech than the working class, now they're just allowed to be far more blatant and extensive in their power.

And, to think of it, isn't it horrifying that these, THESE blatant abuses of power and of the working class, are just the ones that we know about? The government bureaucracy is vast, and they make all the rules.
I've always wondered, what, when you become President, do they tell you that would amaze you? What sort of shifty things are there that our government does, the things that we don't know about?

And so, even the USA, supposedly a democracy, has entered into an odd sort of arrangement, where the majority working class supposedly rules, but in reality, they're just the neutral medium where the ruling class can fight it out on a number of issues that are important to the future of the country.
It's rather an issue of which segment of the ruling class has the more money, the smarter manipulators of opinion, the better propaganda, to take the largest chunk of the large, neutral, lump of working class.
So, superficially, the working class does rule with their own opinions, but in reality, the "opinions" they have come from the work of the ruling class using constant bombardment of images from TV and elsewhere to manipulate their "opinions" to the will of the ruling class.

And while certain issues important to the future of the country they argue about, the one thing all politicians and financiers and other powerful people can always agree on is what must be done to continue exploiting power, to continue staying the ruling class. (e.g., case in point, Congress insider trading, that's one issue Democrats and Republicans can all agree on)

Basically, yeah, the more I think about it, oligarchy seems like it has been and always will be the sole form of government that will exist.
It's just human nature. If there were no government, people'd go insane and loot and shit.
So a top ambitious class of people organizes to stop that from happening, it's in their best interests that people live and are productive, otherwise they'd have no one to buttfuck.

What was particularly bad was that Santorum speech thing... Fuck...
Chanting fucking USA at the gay guys... Fuck...

Well, and the Citizens United ruling. That's also pretty horrifying.

I think maybe soon I'll do a piece on The Evils of Finance.

The point of my last journal, which I didn't finish, was basically that, by myself, I'm not really a pessimistic guy, really, I'm not. I tend to be optimistic and happy about myself.
Tend to be, anyway.
But looking at human society and nature and shit, I tend to be pretty pessimistic politically, like, I'm really not sure we can make it, I think human nature is just too shit. I mean, I'm not sure we can even help it, we're just bastards.
Gandhi was our only hope, and he did all he could, but he's dead now.
Either we'll have some big nuclear war Mad Max sort of thing, or possibly, we'll just ignore the environment for too long and human society will be obliterated.
I just really don't think we'll be able to survive until the sun blows up or the moon drifts away or some other natural extinction, I think we'll kill ourselves first, we're just too big of bastards.

And that, to me, as a loud and proud selfish bastard myself, says only one thing needs to be done: ESCAPE.
My goal is, after college or high school, like work some job for a while, buy a cheap used car, then travel the country with a few hundred bucks.
I will give up material possessions and all the stupidity baggage that comes with them, I will travel on the utmost cheapness. I'll sleep in the car, or in a tent, I'll eat what I'll cook myself, cheap, bland foods like rice, oats, and potatoes.

And I'll find solitude from civilization in nature and vice, and the unassuming awesomeness of music like Beethoven and Pink Floyd and Jimmy Hendrix, and all that shit. I'll try to build up a large stash of weed, gin, and porn, and hike long trails, like the Tonto Trail, or the Pacific Crest Trail.
By myself, I'll content myself in nature, I'll enjoy it, I'll contemplate the Universe and it's meanings.

The rest of the time, I'll drown myself in vice.

It seems like on of the things I hate most about modern society is our attitude towards nature. Generally, we seem to regard nature with a sort of impatience. We'll say "oh, that's nice", but what we're really thinking about is getting back to civilization.
If I've decided human civilization is doomed and fucked up, maybe I could turn the concept around.
Perhaps I could make nature, and the enjoyment of it, my whole life, what gives my life meaning. Perhaps I could make civilization the world I regard with impatience, wanting to get back to the real purpose of my life.

If you can't tell, right now I'm only being half serious. I am truly planning to take a road trip something like this, but not quite so poetic and romantic as I make it sound. As for the drowning in vice part, as well, we'll see.

But whatever. Night guys.


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"...drowing in vice..."

Seems a bit concerning to all here I'm sure.

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Totally should take a road trip together.

And no need for bland food, I'll cook us awesome shit with very little, and it'll be sweet.

Also how the fuck did you get so damn intelligent. I hate you ;) <3
That's redick!

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I like the idea of the road trip, but think it needs to be SE Asia, South America, or Eastern Europe or somesuch. The US is becoming so homogenized, with all the same chains, etc., driving from one town to another becomes redundant. Unless you go to Maui or Kauai, but most of the mainland is kinda bleh.

"You can judge the whole world on the sparkle that you think it lacks" - Dawes, When My Time Comes (

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I've crossed the continental United States by car five times (four road trips, three of them both directions), and always found something new to see. Lots new to see, actually. Hell, I'd do it again, even though I've been through every state at least once already. All the same chains don't really matter - it's not like you go on vacation for the McDonalds.

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Please give serious consideration...

to the extremely fascinating terrain/scenery of the fjords, mountains, and glaciers of Norway... all the way to the extreme north. Then, cross over to the tundra of northern Sweden and Finland! Absolutely beautiful!

Join me next time? :)

And then... you mustn't miss the world's happiest country: Denmark (my favorite!):

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i went on a road trip once

through the Highlands, amazing lands, no civilization in sight, untouched by industry, mountains, burns and lochs everywhere, Deer that will come up and eat out of your hands, creatures wandering through the Moors


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I wonder...

...if he was able to enjoy any of this natural beauty?

You know that he visited there just a little over a week ago...

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i wonder too

my guess since he said something about someone studying if it was a uni or collage i would be most likely Edinburgh, Glasgow or Aberdeen being the best uni's & Collages in Scotland

i hope it was Aberdeen or Edinburgh, Aberdeen is full of beautiful scenery and located near the coast, Edinburgh has the famous Castle and some amazing areas