culmination of an aphotic delirium

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You know, i realized the other day that its perfectly fine.... to loose it, give in to those dark and numbing feelings of depression or those mentaly unstable thoughts, people loose it sometimes maybe because they lost the only one they loved, or lost everything, or they feel lost about who they are anymore and are at war with themselves. we go crazy, bonkers, nuts, we cry about it, scream, freak out, and do things we generally regret later on in the day. we cant help it because we were dealt a serious blow in life, but theres nothing wrong with it, for the longest time i've been fighting it.

i did lose someone i love, i lost my home, my car, all my money, friends, my sanity, and just to life... not to drugs, not to violence, or an unhealthy lifestyle, but just to "shit happens". i went through at least a dozen life changes in the span of a few weeks, i was even confused about who i was. and i know im not the only one, i know there are people who are going through worse shit than i am. the lesson here children is, life will suck sometimes, and the best thing to do is let the pain run its course and move on, the horrible experience is just gonna make us that much harder to be ruined in the future. we'll inherit the earth right?

anyways god this, jesus that, abraham lincon got hit with a Wikibow bat er ee ee er ee er ee ee er ee heres a music video :3