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I felt super epic today, this morning to be exact. I did my parts for the company project and went above and beyond for the product design (I used some old 3D rendering software). I was a bit rusty but soon found my inner 3D architect master. So I took screenshots and brought the program along to show off. lol

The one person in my company, who's fairly arrogant, was surprised by my little creation. This person doesn't think very highly of me since there's some arrogance the person always eminates, so I tend to act like I know nothing about the project when I'm around the person. Then the person gets all silent rage on me and I know all the time that I've contributed more than this person has to the company.

After all this person has only showed up to class for the last two weeks! I'm honestly surprised this person has made it this long without being dropped. But person was blown away and I get epic lols along with the rest of the group. So that was fun and everything was cool from that point onto the next time.

Moving on, it seems like sometimes in my college like there's always a sickness running around. I just want to go up to all the sick people and say "STAY HOME IF YOU'RE SICK! I DON'T WANT THE FLU AND NEITHER DOES ANYONE ELSE!". Then there's the probable argument that they can't miss any days.

Well that's tough, just write an e-mail to the teachers that you won't be joining them in class and go to a doctor. Seriously, just write a quick e-mail and have a classmate get you some notes and homework from the class. Simple, no pressure and focus on rest and convalescence. Everyday's a battle, but then again I'd like to know which one isn't. lol

And now for something else, the bus. I never know why anyone complains about the bus. And most people who say negative things about it have never rode before. Maybe it's just that the transit system we have here is well looked after and regulated, I don't know for sure. The drivers are well trained except for the old dude who does his own thing sometimes. lol

The buses are clean and well maintained, no excrement on the floor, no dirty seats, pull-cords are always in working order, good lighting, there's air conditioning and heating! Pretty good things there. Except if you sit next to a sweaty person which will only happen if the bus is full or you sit next to the sweaty person. But hey, that's not the bus line's fault.

That guy probably just worked out at the gym something fierce. Anyway, I haven't experienced a fight on the bus yet, but it might happen! But there are slim chances there (thank goodness). So no complaints from me, except sometimes the flourescent bulb lamps sometimes are off on one side or one or two are burned out, but those are usually fixed promptly anyway.

Well that's enough writing and ranting for now, until next time! Totsiens.

Coolness unexceeded.