Forced Change And Drama

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This week's been rough for me, lots of schoolwork and drama I could do without!

I pitched cleanup and pulled us out of a really tight situation, bases loaded and no outs to win the game and got my first game ball! My Grandma even bought me a case for it, which made it even better. I'm not a great pitcher but I just threw as much garbage as I could and things worked out for me.

On Friday I was over at Austin's and his Dad came by and everything went downhill from there. He never goes there with booze breath but this time he did, and he said all kinds of shit that just wasn't right. Austin likes to say his Dad talks out of his butt and this time he's sooooooo right.

His Dad left at the same time as we did (Austin was coming over to spend the night) and he ran a red light and got pulled over...and started fighting with the cop. We just sat there on our bikes and watched his Dad play the fool and then he got arrested and cuffed...and said more things that probably weren't too intelligent.

Austin called him Mom and she drove his SUV back to her house to save his Dad the towing cost, and we rode to my house. Later in the night him Mom called him and told Austin his Dad was charged with resisting arrest and a bunch of other stuff but he was below the legal limit and couldn't be given a DUI. He's still in jail because his Mom wouldn't bail him out, but she told Austin that the thinks this will be enough for him to force a change.

I sure hope so.

We didn't really say much to each other for the rest of the night until Matthew texted me and Austin asked me what's going on between me and Matthew and I told him we're friends.

"C'mon Sam, I'm not that stupid!"

"What do you mean?", I asked.

"You look at him like he's a naked girl Sam!"

I couldn't say anything then Austin said, remember what happened last summer?

I KNEW what he was talking about. "Yeah", I said.

(Last summer a girl Austin totally liked had him come over on his birthday to give him her present (a suckjob) but instead she wrote with a sharpie things like DICKSUCKER and FAGGOT on his chest and his phone number on his back to call for gay sex. She told him she was writing how much she liked him. He spent the night at my house and I told him she was crazy not to suck on him, if I was a girl I would have done it...I ended up doing it. A few days later he did it to me to return the favor.)

"I knew you were into doing it", he told me, "You just don't seem like someone who's..."

I knew what he meant. He didn't have to say it.

We talked more about things, I told him stuff about Matthew and why I have feelings for him and stuff, and Austin told he me he's into girls but he's liking them less and less. They treat him just like his Dad treats him, like total douches.

We sat on the couch real close to each other with my arm around him like we always do, and that night we shared my bed shirtless and in shorts like we always do when he sleeps over.

He knows the truth about me and doesn't care.

I think I'm the luckiest guy in the world right now.



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I'm remember when I got the game ball on the last game of the season. I used to play right field (I'm left-handed). Sounds like you and Austin are true friends. That's good cause if you don't got no one, then... then you get real lonely and you become an observer of everyday life. Just watching and hoping to be noticed.

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That is fantastic and wow.
The way you write does make it all sound a little fake, but I do believe you. And I am so, so happy for you.

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well, congrats on winning the game and stuff.

Sounds like Austin may be finding himself as well, who knows. but I don't think you should let sex or anything else get in the way of a friendship like the one it sounds like you guys have.


Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman

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Austin and I have done stuff

Austin and I have done stuff but he's way into girls, I mean that's all he thinks about...but they treat him like dirt : ((

I've fooled around with a few of my friends, just jacking off together and finishing each other off but I don't think any of them are gay. Girls just don't really pay attention to them.

I have a girl that's totally into me, would do whatever I wanted her to do with me but I have no attraction to her other than friendship. I've done some things with her but it was just not a good time. At least it got her off my case.