I done a conference

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It went so well, I can't even. there were upwards of sixty people there, all enthusiastic and eager and and and there is something really overwhelmingly good about standing in a room listening to people networking and connecting and actually *talking* about these issues, about that coming together of community, hearing people say they want more things like this, like they've felt isolated outside of the big cities, that they're coming away with new ideas and ways of thinking, and knowing that you were the one who made it happen. Don't get me wrong, there were plenty of us, volunteers and pannelists and funders, but I was the one who sat down with my chai and said "let's make it a conference, let's make this an actual event", the one who contacted all the pannelists and said "I think we could do something good and I want you to help in that". I pushed it through when other people wanted to hold off, to wait for more money or more time or what have you. And it went so fucking beautiful and all the pannelists were so so fucking *good* and the discussions were fabulous and everyone did their part and then some and it was really fucking *good*. And then I left and came back to my mum's and collapsed into bed and slept for eleven hours.

And now I've got to decide if I want to go to a horse show or spend the day in bed.


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Oh wow.


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Thank you! Yesterday I heard

Thank you!
Yesterday I heard rumblings of running one of a group of nation-wide youth conferences next February. ...there may have been mental sobbing. :D: