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So, I work at Kroger now. It's kind of boring, but I like it. I wear my rainbow bracelet to work every day (I wear it everywhere every day), and the other day, the girl that works customer service said she liked it. She then gestured at it and asked if I was....

Those were her exact words. "Are you....?"

I have recently decided to answer that question honestly when it is asked by someone I don't actively hate. So I said yes. Turns out she's bi. She's getting married in a few months (to a dude), but it's cool that I know of another gay girl at work. And then later, last week, I was near the customer service desk, and she called me over. She was talking to another girl, and when I came over, pointed to her and said "This is Anna. She's.... like us."

I'm really happy to be around people who have come out. At my small school, there is only one "out" guy (and he's kind of an ass) , and though I know of at least three girls that like girls, none of them are publicly announcing their orientations. A few other girls and I are starting a GSA soon though. I submitted the club proposal to the principal a few days ago, and yesterday she said I had to pick the day we would meet and write the announcement. I'm so excited. I expected a lot more resistance, but everything seems to be falling into place.


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"This is Anna. She's.... like us."

The way she worded that makes it sound like you're all a part of a recovering alcoholics support group. Or you're all secretly aliens disguised as humans.

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I like the aliens theory better than the alcoholics one. :D

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My school has a GSA.

I know of two bisexual guys here, one gay (excluding me), two (female) pansexuals, and I see lesbian couples all the time in the hall (but unfortunately no gay ones).
I go to a pretty queer school.

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That's really cool. Out

That's really cool. Out school isn't very queer at all. We're deep in the bible belt, and people are shocked when they find out classmates might not be straight. So no one comes out. I know of... six? Six people (including me) that are queer in some aspect and go to my school. And only one is openly gay.

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One of us!

"You can judge the whole world on the sparkle that you think it lacks" - Dawes, When My Time Comes (

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This video is strangely

This video is strangely terrifying.

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That made me sad.

"Freaks." I only call people that sarcastically when they do something very slightly differently than how most people would have.
I just read more about that movie. The public reaction to it was sad.