life is exhausting

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Ok. Conference is tomorrow. Ahahahahaha oh Christ. I'm still doing last minute pannelist rangling, this is ridiculous.
I'm also getting sick for the second time in the last month, which is pretty painful and really inconvenient. that being said, I've been taking 400 mg of Vitamin B2 everyday for the last two weeks and I haven't had a single mygrane, which is actually amazing.

I also did really well with the whole not thinking about gender thing for the last month, which was possibly because I was too busy with school and planning the conference and being sick, but either way, it worked. But now my brain's looped back around and and it' It's a thing.

Also. Spring love/madness/whatever its called is totally a thing. Now that it's warm enough to go outside and some of the snow has melted and winter semester is over I'm finding myself really wishing I had a significant other. I really don't know where one meets potential dates, honestly. All the queer get togethers that happen around the city are, my friends inform me very firmly, for gay boys only. All the writers' groups or classes are filled with housewives, and the bar/club scene isn't really a realistic option, and online I just get creepy old dudes or couples who want to have random one-time threesomes. Grumble grumble, etc.


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You get dates by being confident and feeling excited about the future and all its possibilities, not by feeling defeatist. I'm sure there are some people on okcupid you find attractive or want to get to know better. Why not send them some casual, funny messages and take it from there? Don't have unrealistic expectations or get discouraged if they don't all reply. Just enjoy the process of meeting new people. And for goodness sakes, you have to be willing to message people. If you aren't taking risks by being assertive and messaging people you like, do you really have any right to criticize people who are, just for being old or interested in a threesome? At least they are asking for what they want.