Missing Work and Someone Who Should Die

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Yesterday was full of disappointment.

In the beginning I planned on spending the day getting ready for my performance last night, but I couldn’t find my material, and had to call it off because there’s no way I could do a thirty minute joke rant without the material being fresh in my mind. I always hate canceling so close to the point of going on stage, it looks bad on me and my act as well as the loss of funds.

I also heard that James has already moved on to another guy. Like I said before, it doesn’t hurt me too bad that we broke up, but his uniting with another man so quickly leads me to believe there was more than what he led on as far as reason to break up.

To top the day off I was standing outside Walmart when I started a conversation with an old biker. My dad’s a bit of a motorcycle enthusiast so I had plenty to talk about. It all went well until he got into talking about his favorite thing to do when he was younger. Him and his buddies would ride down to the downtown of Columbus back in the day and beat up anyone who came out of a gay bar for fun. He called it a “Fag Drag”.

I was speechless. I wanted to beat the shit out of him right then and there, not said a word just beaten into him until he was a scarred bloody pulp laying on the ground struggling to breath through busted lips and broken ribs. But he had several friends with him, and all it would’ve amounted to was another beaten up gay guy to become a notch on his belt.

I can’t believe people like him still exist. Fuck him!

I’m sorry, writing this has just pissed me off to no end. I’m out of here.


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people like that...i mean jesus f christ, it just makes me feel like there is not a sinlge drop of hope left in this world for the human race, including in myself, becuase my first reaction to those kinds of people is wanting to beat them in the head with a lead pipe untill their brains are were their mouths used to be, and that makes me almost as bad as them.
so yeah, i know what your mean. this is actualey the kind of reason i support gun ownership, which i used to not. becuase if i ever go to gay clubs or something with my friends, i don't think i could go in good conscious without a way to protect myself and the people i care about, and if that means carrying around a .44 magnum, so be it!
sorry, i got distracted on my gun ownership rant, but i hope my point go through, that i know how you bloody well feel

, "A loving man and woman in a committed relationship can marry. Dogs, no matter what their relationship, are not allowed to marry. How should society treat gays and lesbians in committed relationships? As dogs or as humans?"

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I'm still in awe that you

I'm still in awe that you and James broke up. You guys seemed pretty happy together.

Also, I'm not sure what beating up that idiot would have accomplished. Fighting violence with violence...I never liked that idea. I just take comfort in knowing that even though morons like him exist in the world, there are so so many people who would find that appalling, and who would be on your side, and that wasn't a reality not too long ago.

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I understood your anger

and I would have been mad, too, and probably talked to him about that, but you got a little sadistic there. I think what went on in your head is worse than anything he's ever done. You seemed like a chill guy, but this is just coming close to psychopathic.

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Sadism is not Physcopathic!

I like being Sadist, just thinking of the ways to cause severly awesome pain to people, see the pain grow on theur face as the blood spills on the the ground as there organs fail and are removed and as the die think of ways of continuing the pain by putting them in a pie and feeding it to someone and then repeat to someone else. Is there any better feeling in the world?

This is tonned down i could writw a story full of gore and torture and i love it.

So any way back to point Sadism is awesome from my point of view

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I think the highest point of sadism

is fucking someone in a random hole you carved into them, like in an artery or something. That's probably been done before.
Anyway, I never said I'm uninterested in torture. My favorite type is to carve holes in people's intestines and put brown rats in the intestines to eat them from the inside out.
There's also a rather devious one that I concocted myself. Make a cage that is designed to hold someone upside-down, with a stick that has sort of a holed paddle sort of design, able to fit in someone's mouth. Put a flammable solid substance in their mouth, like charcoal (after not giving them water for a while, so the saliva doesn't get the substance wet), and stick a fuse in. Put them in the cage, with the paddle-ish thing in their mouth to hold the substance in, and light the fuse. They'll burn from the inside (with oxygen entering through said holes, to feed the flame), and simultaneously asphyxiate from the smoke. I think the smoke would kill them first, since fire tends to travel up, and the brain is down. And I don't think the spinal chord would be damaged because of all the flesh and bone protecting it.
But I don't get any pleasure from thinking about this. It's just interesting.

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id say the highest point of sadism is

You slowly killing someone and reving them every time they black out while playing classically music, laughing maniaclly, enjoying it abd being turned on by it after the person/s is dead Rape their dead body and eat it

i prefer to slowly remove unneccisary parts of the body, like fingers and scalp, then inserting red hot metal nails in their wrists, then shocking them through it, then entering them through the abdoman and removing unimportant organs slowly but still keeping blood loss to a.minimum so they dont die of it and then eat chunks of flesh fromp them and forcing themselves to eat part of themselves, and when there dead, remove the head, stuff it and hang it over the mantel-piece

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You need help.

Please see a professional before you actually do this. Violent thoughts aren't a good thing.

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lol no

dude, ive got a very calm deminor, can't stand people in my house and gag at a little drop of water on the floor, im never going to do this stuff XD i msy be a sadist but im not a muderer.

Thats like saying all Scitzsaphrectics are serial killers or at all gay men are super femme

dude i won't kill anyone

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And your "concoction" was...?

Of course, that "caged" victim you envisaged was all an expression of love?

I think I'm beginning to see a possible explanation for why mere libido-inspired orgasms seem so passé... for you!

One thing for sure... in elevating torture to an art, ferrets has, indeed, met his master! :)

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Anarchist is patheticly bad at this crap i could go into great detail and enjoy writing it, elph im the king of the sadists hear

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How many willing victims...

...so far this year?

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victims of mine

are not meant to be willing its all part of the fun!

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Again, I don't get any sort of pleasure from this.

Torture is just one of those things I find incredibly interesting (like anatomy, linguistics, comparative religion, east Asian history, and geography).