Moving On

Kind_Sol's picture's been a while since i've posted on here so i suppose i ought to go over what's been happening as of late.

James and I ran into a rough patch, he confronted me and told me that he was frustrated. He felt we were at a place where he could only be satisfied by moving onto a deeper level of a relationship and we couldn’t do that with our busy lifestyles. We simply wouldn’t have enough time in between our class and jobs to keep this up.

We ended it with a kiss and a sorrowful hug goodbye. Such a shame, but it probably is for the best. I’m not down-trotten to the point of despair, but I am hurt. I feel almost empty…but it’s the kind of emptiness I think I should wait before trying to fill again.

Other than the whole James thing, work is good. Easter is always a hard weekend to find work since my style isn’t exactly very Christian. St. Patty’s day was great though. Lots of good drunkards lookin for a cheap laugh. Always a good crowed on the day of green.

I’ve been losing weight and working out regularly for eight weeks now, and I can see a big difference. My arms are getting solid and my legs seem to take me farther than hey used to without needing a break. Maybe this will help me find love in a new guy when I start looking again.

Anyway, y’all have a nice day. I’ll post again real soon.

Oh and, hey Anarchist. I think I read somewhere you missed me. Much appreciated if my recollection is correct.



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I could see if you were really busy and he was waiting around all the time, but if you're both busy, I'm unsure how another relationship will be different?!

"You can judge the whole world on the sparkle that you think it lacks" - Dawes, When My Time Comes (

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"He felt we were at a place

"He felt we were at a place where he could only be satisfied by moving onto a deeper level of a relationship and we couldn’t do that with our busy lifestyles."-----???????

That part sounded vauge egough, and like it has been twisted around egough that frankly it seems to me the relationship was lost more to lazyness than anything else :P

I agree with Jeff though, another relationship won't really be any differnt if you are still busy.

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I just noticed this.

You seem exactly like Big McIntosh from My Little Pony. You're both southern-ish-y?, you're both quiet, I think Big McIntosh is gay, since he refused a relationship with a perfectly fine lady-pony (who is probably a lesbian because she refused a relationship with him).

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Your post doesn't even make

Your post doesn't even make any sense... I mean it doesn't go with anything in the post above, or anything like that... I mean seriously who are you replying to :P

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It was directed towards Jack

because he seems like Big McIntosh, based on what I've read by him.

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Ah ok... :) Now that makes

Ah ok... :) Now that makes sense :P

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ive got a question

in what universe does turning down a date with opposite sex make you gay? that would make most straight women gay

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Big McIntosh isn't just a member of the opposite sex.

He's the best member of the opposite sex. And the teacher woman Watsername was "perfect for him." So there.

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the teachers name is Cheerilee

oh and they are not perfect for each other god dammit, Cheerilee is more for a tougher pony that can stand up for himself besides Big Mac is more for a pony like Soaring

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I see a bronie fight coming

I see a bronie fight coming on :P

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hes just annoyed because my head canon

is VASTLY superior to his in everyway, shape and form :P

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Wikipedia's of no help...

So... revealing my gross ignorance: What's a head canon?

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A canyon is a big empty space with nothing in it?

"You can judge the whole world on the sparkle that you think it lacks" - Dawes, When My Time Comes (

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well to start

Canon: is built around the show, so if the tv show says something about this character, thats the truth about this character unless the tv show says its nit true.

Fan Universes: Fan Universes are where people created several new ponies and new stuff for ponies that get adopted by a large group of people, a great example is Skoons Universe (Datcatwhatdances, Datcatwhatcameback) is very accept among Tumblr people. but also but much rarer is your own personal Fan Universe

Head Canon: is a single fans idea of the show that may be the same as other fans but for the most part are your own, but its usually a mixture of Canon and Fan Universe (Canon being the Base and Fan Universe being the mod and everything else is made by you.

a example of head canon for me is Twilights a Closet Lesbian that often has sex with Cheerilee but none of her close friends know but they are accepting and would have no problem with it

i personally adopted Skoons universe

so if you take:
the TV Show + Whats right on the show + a Fan universe or your own universe + stuff you'd like make the ponies think, do and are = Head Cannon

i could do a whole journal on my head canon and about head cannon if you'd like, hell if i wanted to i could make head canon for this website but i have the decency to not

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I've always thought that if any main pony in the show is a lesbian, it would be either Twilight Sparkle or Pinkie Pie. But I personally think they're all asexual, except Rarity.

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Pony Sexualities

Twilight: Lesbian
Rainbow: Bi
Pinkie: Omni
Rarity: Straight
Shy: Bi (ps i always imagined her as a MTF)
Applejack: Straight
Big Mac: Bi
Apple Bloom: Questioning
Sweetie Belle: Straight
Scootalo: Questioning
Cheerilee: Bi
Berry Punch: Bi
Pinchy: Lesbian
Celestia: Straight
Luna: Omni

these are the correct Sexualities :P

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It's kind of strange that heterosexuals are the minority

in your Ponyville. Mine is more like:
Twilight: asexual
Pinkie: asexual
Apple Jack: asexual
Rarity: straight
Rainbow: asexual
Fluttershy: zoophile
Celestia: asexual
Luna: asexual
CMC: don't know; most people aren't sure of their sexuality before puberty
Big Mac: gay, or asexual, maybe dendrophile
In the case of the main 6, their similarities are what draw them together.

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ive got more Straights

Mayor Mare: Straight
Granny Smith: Straight
Diamond Tiarra: Straight
Snips: Straight
Discord: Straight
Almost all of the Royal Guards: Straight
Prince Blueblood: Aromantic Straight

i had Fluttershy down as a zoophile too, but it wasn't her main attraction and shes closeted about it because its still taboo in Ponyville, similarly to my head canon were Twilight's closted because Lesbians were looked down apon in Caterlot

also Fetishes!
Twi: Horns
Dashies: Femininity
Pinkie: Leather
AJ: Bondage
Rarity: Stylish Clothing
Shy: none

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Will this picture make you think twice about Discord?

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in my head canon

hes straight but pretends to be bi just to piss gay ponies off, if thought that ever since i saw him

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Thanks... I think...

...for the clarification.

Regrettably, I'm from an alien universe:

Could you provide a URL that might serve as a tour guide for yours?

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not written any down yet but i was actually going to do it soon as i have a few requests to do so.

but i can give you links to Skoons Universe:
it mainly Focuses on these ponies:

these 2 are very important in the Universe also but are done by other people

just press next in the bottom of the page and you will be good for the story

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I'm looking forward to a treat. Right?

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ive got every type of plausible head canon done


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All head canyons aside....

Kind Sol, what happened?! You had such a cute relationship and it seemed like it was going so well and then.... what? It just ended? Because of two busy lifestyles? How are you ever supposed to find love if your lifestyle is too busy for it? Seems like you either need to lower the busy level of the lifestyle, or find a way to fit love into it, no? Can't go on being too busy forever!

Sorry; I know it's none of my business. But I was so happy for you two and now I'm kind of upset that you've ended it for reasons completely unclear.