Not another Brad journal!

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Well, not really a Brad journal, but he will be the first topic I'll discuss here.
I had a text conversation with him. The longest so far: 40 messages. The way he texts seems too casual. He doesn't care about my bass, which is one of my favorite pastimes; that doesn't seem like he likes me. But then again, I don't really care about his swimming, which is his favorite pastime. But he's also looking forward to the summer, which happens to be a period when we won't see each other. What do you guys think? Does this mean something or am I just being paranoid? Because he does really put out those vibes at school that lead me to think he's interested.

Relevant to that, I just got a gay marriage in Skyrim. I think it's cool that video games are getting liberal, like Dragon Age, also. It's a sign that our world is becoming more accepting.

I also got an amplifier for my bass yesterday. It's really old, so it was in horrible shape. Luckily, my father restores stereo equipment, so he fixed it up and made it look completely new in about an hour. It's so much better than the stereo system I was playing it through. The slap sounds poppier and the fingerstyle sounds... cooler. I can't really describe it. Dynamics work much better on the amp, too.


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I think that from now on,

I think that from now on, you and I should write warnings at the beginning of our journals saying that we'll be talking about our crushes.

Well, seems a bit inconsiderate that he doesn't care about your passion. But that's just me. Definitely ask him to hang out with you over the summer though. If you're picking up vibes, you're either completely delusional or he really is interested :P

I didn't know Skyrim had gay marriage as an option. Another reason for me to play it. Unfortunately, the only consoles I have at my house are a Wii and a Super Nintendo. Dang it.

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I'm not delusional.

I do really think that he's interested in me, though. This is just a complete change from how he was a week ago.
And, in Brad's defense, he doesn't know how much I enjoy bass. This was the first time I've mentioned it to him. He's also more interested in sports than music.

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Maybe you didn't know...

Teens your age are fiercely motivated to exercise their independence and sovereignty... even if it makes it appear that they're a bit disinterested in others.

I suspect you're both exercising this teen prerogative/obligatory behavior!

My guess: all is well! :)

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I got gay married in Skyrim

I got gay married in Skyrim too :P... Went out and saved the day form dragons only to return home to my loving Argonian husband... *cuddles*

Ahhh the irony :P

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My gay Skyrim marriage was also with an Argonian.

Scouts-Many-Marshes. I thought a miscegenous marriage in Skyrim would be kind of weird when an Argonian's involved. Same concept with a Khajiit.

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Hard to read too much into him being excited about the summer. I mean, no school is a pretty nice thing, and hard to compete with.

Is he on the swim team? If so, who cares if you're into it?! I'm sure you'd still like watching him compete. And, if that part's boring, he will be in a Speedo the whole time. How bad can that be?

Did you ever just suggest something random, like going to see a movie or something? Being face to face will move things ahead quicker than a ton of texting.

If he's interested in you, he'll probably push himself to get together with you. School and texting seem like a slow path.

"You can judge the whole world on the sparkle that you think it lacks" - Dawes, When My Time Comes (

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Agreed, Jeff!

I hate watching most swimming things, except for the dudes in speedos. Trust me, your eyes will be entertained enough ;)
That's redick!

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i fucked almost

every whore in Fallout new Vegas and fucked a ton of people in fable

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Looks like the people here are optimistic. Maybe I was just overreacting.