oh not again

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my laptop broke for the billionth fucking time and ill have to have my dad reinstall windows on it -_-

since i have only been able to use my Galaxy Tab for internet i could not make a journal on here or a poem on dA or effectively use Tumblr, only face book worked properly -_-

so my exams started yesterday, i think i doing well so far, on wedensday and 3 of my friends were on supervised breaks because of that the school mixed shit up and they thought we were skipping one of our Computing exams, we weren't its just that the General Exam was at the same time as the Credit/Foundation Classics one, but i chose only to do the General Computing at the same tie people were doing the Foundation/Credit one.

so anyway the on-call master at the time read that Scotland is the biggest worldwide user of renewable energy mostly Wind and Tidal with are fairly constant here, so they were building a windmill 2 miles off the coast of Aberdeen, so anyway Aberdeen has alot of great golf courses that pro's play on, and Donald Trump thinks that if they build ONE windmill of the coast Scotland will turn into a 3rd world country.


so we went and tried all this Mathematical calculations to see how small the windmill would actually be, since there is no universal accepted theory for this it was technically "controversial" and that its the most stupid controversy ever

so we settle that it would look REALLY SMALL and that Donald Trump had no theory behind this as he's still working on the theory for putting on his wig properly.

and since i can't control the class that knows im Bi, i not going to lie and i not going to care as technically Schools over and its just exams now. that means as soon as ive gone ill never have to talk to my mum again.

im doing pretty good