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So my finger got this splinter under the nail so typing has gone awry and any instrument requiring two hands is out of the question. I have to be honest, it really sucks. But at least my group's project is done, praise Allah I got a shitload of last minute typing in the day before the splinter got my finger.

You never seem to realize how much you rely on something until you can't use it. It always rings true for me, next time I'm looking where my hand goes before I accidentally run it into a old 2x4. So yeah but this will soon pass. And as for my classes I'm optimistic about them, I think I'll pass, I just have to be optimistic.

Praise be to Allah the semester's almost up. Well nothing going on aside from that but please check out my last journal entitled "From the Internet P:7" it's good stuff. I'm a spammer. :-\



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Ouchy. Splinters suck. Hope

Ouchy. Splinters suck. Hope it gets better quickly!