Push that Rock, Sisyphus

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I thought it was cool...

Wait a second...

This seems to be the most serious video he's ever made, I don't know if he's just shitting us or not, I guess we'll know in a few days. Well I'll be the first to say I'd feel a mild sense of loss if he was quitting Youtube...

I keep wanting to get around to writing on Facebook a nice monologue about Mormonism, and then from there going into my own religious views, but I keep thinking about my friends, and they're all fucking Christians, like, if they'd hold me not being a Christian against me, then they'd be fucking stupid, but come on, most of them have been indoctrinated since birth to be Christians, most people don't shake that off...
And then I lose energy and motivation to do it. I think I will at some point though...

Oh God, several uncomfortable situations today. First, the friend I hang out with after school every day is like super grounded, so I can't hang out with him after school.
So what did I do, you might ask? I went to Starbucks. And I saw they had their new Trenta size.
And I was like excellent, more coffee for me.
So I ordered a Trenta coffee, it was fucking huge, like almost a quart of pure coffee.
I mean, as much as I love coffee, it is, especially without cream, which is usually how I take it, a pretty strong drink. Like espresso, especially, I love it, but I can't drink much more than a double shot.
So by the end I was like about to throw up, because it was so much coffee.

But that wasn't the worst part, after Starbucks I went to the library and sat and read The Economist for a while, then when I got up I realized that the caffeine was fucking me, and I was like super jittery and shaky and had way too much unhealthy energy..
Which sucked.

And then at the library, first I played chess with a pretty cute friend that I talk to sometimes, and that wasn't so bad, I won, it was fun.
But then this like obscenely fucking gorgeous beautiful guy offered to play, and I did, and it was torture.
I was so distracted by his beauty and the caffeine, it was really tough. I embarrassed myself in front of him by trying to use my king as my queen cause I didn't look, and trying to move my king into check several times, as well as several tactical errors.
But, since I'm a fucking genius, he made and error, and I had a brilliant string of moves, and molested his pieces and won.
It was awesome, I was really afraid I was going to lose and then be at a slight social disadvantage to a really hot guy.
But I won, which made me happy, because that gave me the advantage and perhaps a modicum of respect, and of course I'll be nice with it.

I'm not sure whether I'd like to be like asexual or not or something, because as it is, I get really really distracted by hot guys and into some awkward situations I won't mention, but at least I get to appreciate their beauty and jack off with that, rather than having neither the benefits nor the disadvantages...
No, I think it's too much fun being gay...

Sometimes I hear about in class about like racism against Asians, and I'm like how could you? They're so HOT.
Cause recently I've been seeming to like Asians more, although I've had crushes among basically every race.

So, I guess a good day, because of that great chess game :P
I'm fucking pathetic.
Night guys


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I didn't notice what the first video was

until they said "schlag mich baby noch einmal."
And on the second one, I have noticed that his videos have been getting more serious and pessimistic lately.
In response to the Christian friends thing, there's this chick who always sits at my lunch table a bit, and goes off to her regular one. She tells us awful things about how conservative and homophobic most of the girls at her table are. She likes my table a lot more because we give a lot less fucks about everything.
I always get my coffee at Wawa because it's cheap and it's incredibly good when you know how to mix it right. But I don't think they have Wawa where you live. And yeah, I can't drink a lot of it either. I get tiny 12oz. cup and I usually have trouble drinking that (though I drank the new Ethiopian blend pretty quickly).
And I don't really get distracted by hot guys. I just see them and think "okay, he's pretty hot, big fucking deal, because there are soooo few attractive guys I see every day." I don't get distracted by looks at all usually, even though I ended up walking next to this extremely attractive guy today and I got really nervous because I'd never seen him before and his face was so preeeety.
And I used to have a fetish for Asians. My libido is a racial bigot now, though.

I just took your journal and related every single section to me because that's how narcissistic I am.

One thing about you, though:
I assume you no longer have feelings for Jun anymore, based on your flirting?

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"...obscenely fucking

"...obscenely fucking gorgeous beautiful guy"
That's pretty much a perfect description, hahaha. He's just... Too attractive to handle. I wish I'd been there. Tell me the next time you go to the library :D