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on dA on one of my OC ponys i got into a RPing with someguy which lead to my personal OC Pony (Blue Bru) slowly and painfully killing his OC Pony (twice) which somehow lead to sex im still not entirely sure how that happened. http://tycoondasher.deviantart.com/art/Lightning-Strike-295324050 its all the comments.

i heard some english guy how lives across the street get scared shitless because he thinks the BNP (basically our version of the Nazi party but not as extreme) will be elected i say impossible they are not popular in the least their leaders get pelted every time they're seen and nobody in Scotland votes for them as is so they would not get in the Scottish Parliament anyway.

apparently the UK is the most Tolerant and Accepting nation on Earth i think were tolerant because: The Scots Hate the English, The Welsh Hate the English, the Irish Hate the English, the English hate everyone including most of the English, in the way that we can be around each other and not kill each other sort of makes us very tolerant.

did you hear about the Spanish women who claims she owns the sun? she's going to charge everyone for using it, it will cost Spain Hundreds of Thousands a year, Australia Millions a Year but what am i complaining about im in Scotland we wont have to pay a penny


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were double raping another one of my Pony OC's

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the Spanish woman got the sun registered as her property at a notary. But that's like paying people to look at the lamp you're holding because it's your property. She crazy.

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if she was British

she'd have to live on it for 3 years, it would be great if she tried

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the Sun isn't a domicile, so I don't think she would, unless Britain has a very nonsensical legal system.

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its the only way to claim something outrageous

thats why some guy owns some hill in Scotland every this is free land except Arthur's Seat (government owned) so you have to do some hard task to do in order to get it

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Could have sworn that first paragraph was in some other language. Then I decoded it. I am more fluent in Internet than I would like to be. And that exchange of comments... That's just messed up. Sorry. Not amusing at all.

What's amusing is how you somehow managed to pretend that your lousy weather is somehow a good thing because of some mad sunlight tax or somesuch. That's just crazy.

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you don't approve of the Rape & Sadism? so does that mean its wrong that it turns me on? it got worse were continuing it now she has had a Hedgehog & a snake inserted into her pussy a crab pinching her clit and rocks shoved up her ass.

the Spainish women is actually trying to tax everyone, good luck getting a penny out of us

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What dafuq did I just read.

What dafuq did I just read.

That is the weirdest thing I have ever heard in my entire life. But, whatever you like I guess....

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ive said it before

i can be turned on and fap to ANYTHING AND ALLTHINGS!

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That bitch won't take my money!

And the thing that says that the sun is her property might be fake. In Colombia I'm used to see a lot of things with fake documents!

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Apparently its real XD

she actually applied for it

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Even the moon doesn't officially belong to the United States, and we went there and planted a flag on it and everything! A notary in Spain cannot simply give anyone the rights to an important celestial body.

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planting a flag

doesn't make the land yours, if that was true Britain would own 70% of Antarctica, Scotland would already be Free, Russia would own 100% of the Arctic and Tibet would be Free

One Does not Simply Own the Sun (how could you miss that joke)

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Planting a flag

Used to work pretty well in the Americas - even though there were already people there. Which, there weren't on the moon.
Lots of countries have got flags on Antarctica, ne?

Still missing the joke...? What's the joke?

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still doesn't work

Most of Austrailia & Canada would be unowned, but Britain got the most there & there would still be confederate states in the south