Revolution 9

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I keep wanting to make my post about Mormons and religion on my Facebook wall, kinda because I don't talk about religion that often with my friends, and I think it'd be enlightening for them to know about my views, and also because I think with all the time I spend researching Mormonism, my knowledge of it would be, frankly, pretty damn impressive.

But I keep not getting around to it because I get distracted by something, and today it was that song, Revolution 9. I already put that on my wall, and I'd rather not post on facebook more than once a day...

So, eventually, I guess I'll get around to it... maybe I'll put it here too when I actually write it, it will be impressive, trust me...

Anyway, about that song, Revolution 9, I think that was kinda like some of the weirdest Floyd songs, you know, basically where famous songwriters can just create the weirdest fucking thing they can think of, and people will still like it, because they wrote it.
However, also, like most weird things, it's also pretty cool.

Really, I should just stop using the Internet, or at least just not as much.
See, watch this:

In other words, basically, we have the same problems that used to be had in Victorian England by the rich people.
The problem is, when you're poor, you have something that needs doing basically all day, being poor, you have to expend more effort just to survive, so you're basically occupied all the time.
But when you get rich, you don't have to work as hard or as much, so people get bored. And they find things to do.
Useless fucking things to do.

When I see all the time people spend on like Youtube comments, like on a video from the Beatles I saw there was this guy like FUCK THE BEATLES LED ZEPPELIN IS BETTER, and then there were a bunch of people like FUCK YOU THE BEATLES ARE BETTER, and then the more respectable, but still stupid people who said "well music is subjective, people all have different ideas about what makes it good".
They're stupid because although their comment is intelligent, it's stupid to bother taking time out of your life to try to educate people who are already this fucking stupid.

Or one time I read this newspaper article about like this skanky bitch who's from Arizona who won this beauty contest here in Washington, and then like 3 months before this article she wrote some twitter posts like "ugghh I hate the weather in Washington and the people! I wanna go back to AZ!", and then 3 months later, this fucking bitch with a blog looked at this skanky bitch's Twitter account, saw that tweet from 3 months ago, made a blog post about it, and triggered a fire storm against the skanky bitch.
And then the newspaper article which I can only assume was written by some slutty bitch was like "and now this skanky bitch has learned a lesson about how not to do things you'll regret on the Internet, lest some fucking bitch go find it and dredge it up.

When I saw it, that article made me so sad. I was like, who in this picture can I actually like? They're all bad...
Like first, the skanky bitch, well she's not that bad, I mean, what she won a beauty contest? Hoo-fucking-ray.
And then she made Twitter posts about how much she hated Washington? Well first, I don't really care about what she thinks about Washington, and even if she hates it, she's totally entitled to that opinion.

And then the fucking bitch who would go back on this skanky bitch's Twitter wall and make some big deal about a 3 month old tweet? Honestly, just what the actual fuck...

And then the slutty bitch who wrote the newspaper article, honestly, who cares...

Or anything that happens on Twitter that people make a big deal about. This guy got arrested because he worked for Justin Bieber and then didn't put up a Twitter post that Bieber wasn't going to be at a certain venue for something, and a bunch of 12 year old girls got worked up and there were injuries.
Like he got a felony for that, honestly.

Or Lady Gaga, and how she posted a thing people took as being disrespectful to eating disorders, and there was a big controversy over that.

Or the Facebook page "I hate Justin Bieber".

I just really can't describe my distaste for the vast majority of Internet culture, or really, most of first world culture, or really, just American culture.
The stupidity I see demonstrated all the fucking time.
Science help us all...

In other words, I'm not really sure what I want to do with my life, but I don't really think I want to just go to college then settle down, get married, etc, get old, die.
Like, I can't say that'd be absolutely horrible, but I have a feeling I could get something better.

For example, I think I will go to college, but afterwards, I still have my heart set on my couple years spent on the road, something like Chris McCandless, Into the Wild, you know...
At least that.
And afterwards, I think I want to live in some other country for a while. Maybe join the Peace Corps, and/or go just live in some other country.
If not a low income country, at least a middle income one.
I think it'd help me understand. Understand the world at least a bit better.
Because I was stunned, being reminded not too long ago, when I saw this article celebrating that now like less than 45% of the world's population lives on like $1.50 or less a day, and I was like shit, 45% of the world's population is that poor? Oh my fucking science...

In other words, my whole life, very little has been expected from me. I go to school, sleep through many classes or otherwise waste the time, then after school I hang out with mah friends, then come back home and do basically nothing.
The level of actual work I'm expected to do daily is very nearly zero, it's kinda horrifying, actually (and of course, there are people I know who complain about how overworked then are... well suck me sideways).

So this weekend I had a lot of work my dad had me do on the car, and I actually really enjoyed it, it made me feel useful for a while.

So what I really want to do is, I've already in my life been given more resources than probably most people get in their entire lives, and produced a tiny fraction of the work, so I really would like to try to make something better.
I mean, I've already enjoyed my life so far, so I think rather than spending the rest of it in very similar luxury, I'd rather probably join some foundation, I don't think I actually have the initiative to start one...
But try something to help the world, make it better, I've already taken as much as I deserve from the world that I probably deserve for my whole life...

So yeah...

Anyway, this turned into a stupid rant, so night guys.


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Hm, about overworking-

Not all of us were gifted with fantastic intelligence like you, and do not find the schoolwork to be mind-numbingly easy. As I find it rather difficult. I gotta work my ass off to even appear a fraction as intelligent as you or the boy sitting next to me in orchestra.

So sometimes I just give up. If you don't have to work hard, or he doesn't, and if I try my hardest and still can't beat 'em, why try?
That's redick!

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Oh, right...

Well, I guess that's another thing about the fucking circumstances of birth that suck, something else I should be fucking blessed to have.
And another reason why I'd be a douchebag if I never did anything with my life...

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Revolution 9...

Floyd! Who'd've guessed?

Oh well... Great as it is, can it really compare with this Beatles gem?

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Swearing to science?

Sounds like dangerous territory....

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I think...

...the expression may have been a tad misleading. I "think" the message was "World... start using your heads... and acknowledge what science can contribute."

Then... I could be wrong.