so many things....

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Happy April Fools Day, even though its technically over.

i love April Fools for 3 reasons

1. its a excuse for trolling

2. the main reason is that my grandad died a few years ago we had so much on april fools day every single year without fail we would troll people together, it was so fun, god i miss him

3. everytime i cry someone always cheers me up with a joke

i think i need help, real help

long question if you enjoy somebodys company to an extreme, get jealous when that persons with other people, only want to be in their company, dream and think about that person constantly so on and so forth what it that?


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It's not over where I am!

But I don't have any good ideas for pranks.

Answer to the long question: Obsession. Could be infatuation, could be love, definitely is obsession. Who's the object?

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my best friend

my best friend