So, uh...came out to my mom

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And she was surprisingly fine with it. Apparently, she told my grandparents and aunt that I was recently depressed (although not for this reason, I was for a while though) and they assumed it was because of me being gay, and they're like "Tish, you're the only one who doesn't really know"

So she just started calling me out on my sexuality and stuff, going "Oh, no wonder you don't like girls, you always see them covered in blood" while I was watching Human Centipede II (EW EW EWWWW), and stuff like that, and I just rolled with it. But last night, I was just like...fuck it. I got on WoW, and asked all my friends on there for some support. I got like 15 people spamming me with "DO IT, DO IT, DO IT", so I just went in the room she was in and I was like "Mom, can I ask you a question?" and she's like "What's wrong?" I was like "Did Sissy tell you she thought I was gay?" and she's like "No, why?" and I DIDN'T EVEN MEAN TO SAY THIS BUT I SAID "Because I am." and then my brain went asdfghjkl; and she's just like "Okay." and yeah. She decided to clarify that everyone in our family pretty much already knows, and she's like "Honestly, I'll need time to let it sink in, but I don't want to be seeing boyfriends around here."

I still feel giddy and shit. It's been a year or so exactly that I told my sister. :3

IN OTHER NEWS, school is almost over. I'm falling asleep in Chemistry because I've passed 2 of the 4 Nine Weeks, so I've already passed the class. It's stupid, but yeah. My GPA can suck it, I don't even give a shit with her class anymore. OUR CLASS GOT HER TO CRY ONE DAY BECAUSE WE WERE CALLING HER A HORRIBLE TEACHER AND STUFF, LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.

Also, if you aren't following me on Tumblr, do it.

It's mainly JOSH HUTCHERSON<3<3<3 and Hunger Games and Glee stuff, with some random stuff thrown in :3 Tumblr has consumed my soul.

Hm...lemme talk about my school day with you.
1- History - Sit behind two hot guys and learn about shit I don't care about.
2- French II - Sit next to a hot guy and learn about stuff I absolutely love with people who don't care.
3 - Biology - LOL GOSSIP TIME because we got our teacher fired.
4 - Chemistry - Nap time.
5- English - One of my favorite favorite FAVORITE classes EVER. Our teacher is the shit. xD
6- Lunch - LOL GOSSIP TIME because our food is shit and we never eat
7- Geometry - LOL GOSSIP TIME because I have no idea what I'm doing
8 - Band - Eh. Sit in a row with 2-3 hot guys and blow. All period. xD

My sister is 8 months pregnant. My mom says she still wants me to have kids (as if >>) and she wants me to get a surrogate mother. o.o No...I hate kids xD

I lovee Peeta
I love Josh Hutcherson
I love Katniss and Ms. Jennifer Lawrence
I love Liam Hemsworth

End of story.

How are you guys?


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on telling her, girl!

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Congrats on coming out to yo

Congrats on coming out to yo mom. Feels good, don't it? :P

Also, why do you hate Gale? I never had a problem with him. Also also, Jennifer Lawrence is super pretty. And a talented actress.

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Because, he was so cold to

Because, he was so cold to Katniss just because she didn't love him back. He shouldn't have done that. Although, I have to admit, most people would do that in this situation :l
My parents just came home with a Hunger Games magazine. I told my mom I'm cutting out the picture of Josh Hutcherson and putting it on my wall. xD
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If she doesn't want to see boyfriends,

then what's the point? That's the only reason I'm gay. If I couldn't have a boyfriend, I wouldn't even bother having a sexuality. Not worth it. I'd just sit around and make music all day. (That would actually be a lot more productive than thinking about guys or talking to them, etc.)

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She just means that for a

She just means that for a little while, until she gets used to it. I told her I'm not even close to being out to everyone. xD
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congrats on coming out

im gonna follow yer tumblr, im tycoondasher

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Congratulations for coming out! :)

I followed you on tumblr, I'm reach-the-space
Why do you hate Gale?

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See the response to

See the response to Radiosilence :o
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thats awesome that at least she's knows, i haven't even came out to my mother yet and i'm almost 22 >.<
/ o_o\ i am batman

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Just blurt it out, that's

Just blurt it out, that's what I did xD
~I don't need no fakes around me, all I want is you to be with I am...~

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Time to rip that band aid off...

"You can judge the whole world on the sparkle that you think it lacks" - Dawes, When My Time Comes ('s picture


and Liam Hemsworth <3 so true...... 'sigh'

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Okay, I just saw the Hunger Games.

I went for the popcorn and the Mexican food lunch.
I don't know who Ms. Jennifer Lawrence is.
I don't know who Liam Hensworth is.
I don't know who Gale is.

I didn't like the movie. The whole point of it was just to be something that the majority of people from the clearly defined ages of 12 to 18 could relate to, so they'll give attention and (more importantly) money to the creator. It seemed to have no actual message.

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The message, I believe, is

The message, I believe, is all about government oppression and the like. Also the idea that people can come together under the harshest circumstances, that love can endure anything, the importance of friendship, etc. Something like that.

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Doesn't seem like it.

They didn't revolt and establish a new government. The hunger games didn't end. All they did was survive a round, by killing other people, which is exactly what the government wanted them to do.

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It is a series, you know. This was just the beginning.