Spring break

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I've been lost since my last journal, many things happened:
School cup was awesome the next day because more hot guys came and I wanted one of them so badly!
On friday, I had techer parents conference and my mom wanted to kill me bevause I failed geometry (plus that I wanted to kill myself and cut *I had been cutting since febuary, but stopped+). Went to a party that was awesome and almost kissed Andy when I was going, but my dad called my and my brain told me to stop.
On Saturday I started a 10 hour trip to Coveñas.
Sunday: arrived to Coveñas
Monday-today: spring break started. Painted some friends nails at 5 AM, then he got the nails painted when he was sleeping. I have to share bed with a friend (guy) and I love waking up next to him.


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So Andy's gay?

And you two almost kissed? Good news there.