Straight girls holding hands, kissing and all that...

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So what do you guys think about the straight girls of today holding hands, hugging each other, kissing each other?
I have to say I would find it kind of weird to do that. Maybe it’s like that because I am really really inexperienced. I never had any kind of romantic, not to mention sexual relationship. And I choose my friends very carefully, so that at the end there are always the same good old faithful (female) buddies. But even with them I never got that close, neither intellectually nor physically, that I could maybe be surer about my sexual orientation.
Not too long ago I realized maybe the relationship to my best friend could tell me more. When I see her on old pictures where she's posing with her best friend very physically close, hugging, kissing each other on the cheeks, I kind of get a little jealous. But me, I would just never do those things with her, I even try to avoid them long before I can see them coming. We don't even change in the same room when we're doing sleepovers, which is kind of weird for officially straight girls, I find. So am I doing that because I am maybe a lesbian and I am too shy to take this step to change in the same room with another girl? Also I am pretty sure that she’s straight. And she mentioned that she would not have a problem changing in the same room. If it was too weird, wouldn’t she suspect me to be gay? Or could she just reason it with me just being shy and all that?

Do you think it is normal for a straight girl to avoid being in the same room with another girl?


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Normal enough.

Certainly not a reliable indicator of lesbiananity.
The jealousy at the old photos is no indicator either - platonic jealousy is common, of course you want your best friend to be your best friend and no one else's.

My roommate (mostly straight) and our neighbor/friend (straight) kiss each other all the time; I don't find it weird, but somehow I can rarely even get as far as hugging. So, I don't know, it seems like you're not too unusual in that regard.

If you really need to figure out whether you're a lesbian (and so far I don't see any evidence that you are), try looking at pictures of boobs or something. And pay attention to how you feel about guys.

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About your tip to try

About your tip to try looking at pictures with boobs...
I am always the first one who arrives and leaves the changing room at school, because I always think I cannot allow anybody to think I am looking at them when they are undressing, because I kind of do. But maybe that's normal. I do the same when I see a shirtless man....
I don't know how I feel about guys. They are interesting, but until now I never had the feeling, a guy could understand me like a girl does.
Do you have another idea, how I could figure out if I am straight or maybe lesbian?

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Seems like...

If you don't ever see anything (boobs, shirtless guys, whatever) and just have the reaction "HOT!", then you don't have much of a sexuality at all right now. Maybe you're asexual, maybe repressed, whatever. Looking at people's bodies with curiosity rather than "HOT!" is not really sexuality.

If you have the same reaction to shirtless men as to shirtless women, you're neither lesbian nor straight. You could be asexual, you could be bi, or somewhere between the two. Don't let the labels influence whether you pursue a relationship with someone.