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i made my first head canon thing for MLP first Twilight:

not much going on, my new laptop or as ill call it shit broke and it needs to have Windows reinstalled, ive had it since christmas and it broke, im using my old laptop that ive had for years, yeah its battery won't charge properly and its DVD is broke but it still works alot fucking better than the shit one

so in other words HP laptops always are better than ADVENT laptops, also never buy anything from PC World.

you remember my cousin Josh right? the one i sent a e-mail to coming out to him? yeah he never got it but i came out to him through PM on Facebook, so he took it well :)

got a maths exam on wedensday, then ive got 1 1/2 weeks off school, Fuck yea for easy subjects and a very long study leave.

that is all