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God, I'm such a douchebag...
Like I go to school, and I just find people I just hate so much...

Like honestly, at my lunch table, there were like these girls talking about celebrities and like Kim Kardashian shit. And like, I'm so uninterested in that shit, you can't even believe it. My life interests me plenty, why the fuck do I need to observe the mundane goings-on of some stupid bitch or another to find interest in life?

Or, like, I was sitting in fucking physics, and someone was talking about something, and someone somehow mentions hangovers, and then this girl I've hated for a while is just like "Hangovers? I never get hangovers... Like I went drinking with some of my friends a few days ago..." and blah blah blah, and I was like congratulations, you drink, we all know that is the true measure of someone's badassery.
Then, after she's done, while the teacher's lecturing, she all of a sudden turns to me and is like "my ear hurts" and I was like Oh WOW. You know, I was actually just about to ask, you know, about the state of your ear right now.

Well, I mean, she complains all the fucking time, I think Shelby knows who I'm talking about.
And also, if you feel the need to broadcast your vice to all in the vicinity, that's usually a symptom of doing something for the wrong reasons.
So sometimes I like to have a bit of gin or scotch or tequila, but that's cause I like all those things, and I figure it would be quite wise if everyone at school didn't know that, lest rumor slip to the wrong person, or who even knows what could happen? No reason to chance it.

There are just so many frivolous people there. Like this guy I know, he's like a total Republican, but at least I can respect how he actually thinks about global issues, or is at least aware of them, even if he and I are total opposites on how they should all be dealt with.

Like, am I just being a douchebag, or is just everyone else a total douchebag? Am I actually more intelligent than these people, or does it just seem that way, and maybe they're actually smarter than me, I just don't have the intelligence to recognize that...

I don't know, and I try not to be a douchebag, but it's hard.

Then, my cousin recently messaged me on facebook, and we don't talk all that often, and he asked what the graph on my profile picture is, and it's a graph of incomes for different segments since the '80s, with the middle 60% and bottom 20% pretty stagnant, and the top 1% skyrocketing.
Then we got into a little political debate, as he's a conservative, about like things like Obamacare, and free markets, and lazy stupid people who mooch off the government.

That was good. Nothing like a good debate to invigorate you late at night...

But it's just like when I read things like in The Economist, I'm becoming increasingly suspicious of that magazine...
Socially, they're pretty liberal, they've advocated gay marriage and legalizing drugs and shit, and I agree with all of that, of course.
But they're also fiscal conservatives, and I think getting so much of my economic POV from them for the past few years hasn't been a great idea.
Because they always talk about removing regulations that "stifle innovation" and "discourage investment" and stuff that will shrink the economy, and that makes me incredibly suspicious.

Because the "innovation", new things these people think up, are usually to enrich themselves.
For a great example, that graph that's my profile picture.
For most of the '80s and '90s, the economy was "growing". But growing for who? The top 1%.
They were making huge, fat stacks, and figuring out how to make huger, fatter stacks by the day. And that technically grows the economy, even though it actually does no good whatsoever for the vast majority of Americans, our economy will be growing, but our incomes, most of them, won't, because most of the growth is at the top, because of all the "innovating" they're doing up there.

But the problem is, growing an economy from the top doesn't really work. Because now they have more money, demand has to go up too.
And it will, but not as fast as they'd like.
Because rich people, proportionally, don't spend as much as poor people. Bill Gates has as much money as say 10 million poor people, but he sure as hell doesn't spend as much as 10 million poor people do, he saves most of it, which they don't.
So that's bad for demand, and for the economy.

So, uh oh, they have to grow the economy to assure people they're doing good things, but demand isn't high. So what they have to do is lend money to the middle and lower classes, so demand can rise without wages going with them.
Because they don't actually want to give money to them, they have to lend it.

And that's what leads to financial crises, like the 2008 one, greedy fucking banks lend a bunch of money to people, and, lo an behold, their wages aren't going up, so they can't pay back these stupid fucking loans!

In other words, the economy is like a farm. The middle and lower classes are like farmers, who live in various conditions. They produce everything, everything that feeds themselves and also the 1%.
But they don't feed food directly to the 1%, no, there's a cow that lives on this farm, that's huge, bloated and fat, that's the financial market, and the middle and lower class farmers are constantly feeding it.
The 1% are in turn standing around this cow, 24/7, fucking it. They have different ways, investment bankers are the real sly ones, they're always looking for new ways to tear fuckable orifices into this cow, so they can fuck them, and when they find them, they sell them to other people.
These 1% run the farm, they say how much food the middle and lower classes get to keep, and how much they have to give to the cow.

But they want the whole farm to expand, not just the cow, so they tell the farmers to take some of the money-blubber from this cow, and use it to expand this farm, with the understanding they'll pay it back later with interest. But the problem is, the 1% is too greedy, and they let the middle and lower class farmers starve, and they're unable to feed the cow anymore.
That's horrible, because then, the cow dies, and there's total blue balls and failed orgasms all around, and everyone's disappointed and starving.

That's the US economy. I think you.

Good night.


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To the ever-lengthening list...

of possible future careers matching your interests... economist would seem another natural...

To complement what wisdom The Economist is continually imparting, please consider essays such as this (Krugman & Wells):

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