The Thin Ice

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So, over this wonderful Spring Break, I've been in Scotland. We visited there cause my brother is studying there now for his college.
I assume you guys probably don't want some detailed accounting of my trip, and guess what, I don't want to give one. I've had maybe 2 hours of sleep in the past 48 or so. So I'm a little out of it... Actually, I'll probably write one later for posterity, as I try to record these trips in a physical journal, but having an online one is so much easier to type out and shit... I should probably like back this journal up, cause this site will probably crumble one day, in which case I'll have lost like 2 and a half years and counting of journals...


Very sad video.
That old guy reminds me too much of Jerry Sandusky, you know, the Penn State football coach who was like, really creepy and raped all sorts of boys and shit from his charity for children.

Anyway, the main topic of this journal is going to be a man named Christopher Mccandless, but something else first.
It seems odd to me how a lot of people have a lot of really strong opinions about celebrities. I mean, politicians, sure, you should, cause what they're doing way over there is creating the laws for this country and affecting you directly, so you should have feelings about them.
But people like singers like Justin Bieber or Kim Kardashian who's famous for I actually don't know what...

Justin Bieber is a prime example, a lot of people either love him way too much, or hate him really hard for some reason... See, to me, I listen to his music and I think he's a pretty good singer, and he's pretty good looking himself, but the music is mostly shit, and I don't really care.
And if he wants to have a job making music, and he wants to make shit tons of money doing it, more power to him, he's certainly done very well at that.
As long as he's not venturing into politics or anything that should affect me directly, I don't care about him, unless I start enjoying his music...

Like, I think you could like some celebrity, for example, uhhhhh, you really admire the music of Michael Jackson (and I do, slightly), you could like some celebrity in that way, but what celebrities do doesn't have to have any bearing on you if you don't want it to, so therefore you'd either like the things they do, or ignore them if you don't like them.

And either way, I don't think there's any reason to care about the personal decisions of celebrities. Case in point, I love Roger Waters and his music, I think he's a fucking genius, but it's kinda too bad he's also kinda a fucking douchebag.
Whatever, I like his music, that's all that really matters.

But I'm rambling now. Although it's understandable, I'm so tired my head is spinning, fuck, I'm getting nauseous...

So, I reread over the break Into the Wild a book by Jon Krakauer about a man named Christopher Mccandless.
And it really caused a revolution in my thought. More like a whole bunch. Part of what I learned is that I've changed a lot in the past year or two, I picked that book up a year or two ago and it hardly interested me at all, I skipped parts, and this time I loved it and found it incredibly interesting.

See, Chris, or Alexander Supertramp, the name he liked to go by, is one of those people like Justin Bieber. A lot of people have incredibly strong feelings about him. A lot of the strong ones were negative. See, just look at some guy talking about him: "There is nothing fucking romantic and wonderful about stumbling off into the wilderness and starving to death. What is great about the Christopher McCandless story is that it proves, in Alaska at least, natural selection is alive and well. McCandless was a fucking utterly stupid and reckless cunt, who actually had a history of doing ridiculous and reckless things that nearly killed him long before he dragged his fatally incompetent ass into the swamp lands of Denali park. He was asking to die as much as someone who decides they're going to climb Everest, alone.".
Of course, it might be mentioned a man named Reinhold Messner did in fact climb Everest, alone, with no supplemental oxygen.
But I digress.
The point is, a lot of people hate him, seemingly fewer love him, and it seems like there's a significant bit that is more lukewarm leaning towards liking him.

Basically, Chris started out as a pretty average guy, went through high school and college, graduated, and shit.
But then he did the interesting stuff we remember him for, right after graduating from college, he, without telling anyone, packed all his belongings in his car, donated $24,000 from a savings account to charity, and drove away, leaving his parents a little frantic.
He drove to Nevada, and while in a wash, a flash flood came and swamped his car and made it temporarily unusuable. So he decided to abandon it and continue on foot.
He hitchhiked around the midwest and south, and around the entire country, for about 2 years. He had many adventures, like buying a used canoe, taking the Colorado River down into Mexico, and spending a few months in the Gulf of California, by himself.

Basically, I can't describe all he did, you'll have to read the book, it really helps understand him better.
But anyway, he decides he wants to one more thing, a voyage to Alaska.
Some think, and I do too, that based on his journal and letters he sent, he probably intended for the Alaska voyage to be his last major trip, then he'd finally move back, and settle down for a while.
So he goes to Alaska deliberately underprepared to attempt to live by himself off his own wits for a few months. And he does, for a few months, before starving to death.

That hardly does justice to the story, but yeah.
Frankly, I like the guy.

Oh fuck, I'll talk about him tomorrow when I can hopefully see straight... Night guys.


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Very moving video...

So much left unsaid... I felt considerable empathy for the young actor's role.

Which "old guy" made you think of Sandusky? The school teacher was obligingly cautious, but likely repressed gay; we're left unknowing, however, about what dangers may be lurking with the other guy he drove off with. That was a very immature step for James!

Beautifully executed video... but we're left feeling sad for James' confused and unresolved yearnings. Particularly sad was the implied interest in older men...

Wonder what may have been on the hidden VHS?

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sad video :(

where in Scotland did you visit?

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Brad admires the music of Michael Jackson.

Good thing he isn't one of those people who has really strong feelings about celebrities. I hate those people.
I couldn't stop laughing at the silly leprechauns in the movie. XD
The movie has a great soundtrack by Eddie Vedder.
Have you ever been able to see straight? I don't remember a time when I could see anything but gay. (See what I did there?)