This is what needs to change.

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This is really what needs to change. It is sad, yet true.


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I agree, wholeheartedly!

And... it's not just India.

Irrational public and private reaction to another's orientation or behavior when it is seen not to adhere to a personally-perceived norm is observed the world over!

Both individually and as a group... humans often behave not nicely! :(

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That'll be tough to change. I was surprised working in Silicon Valley alongside Indian women working at leading companies in one of the most liberal areas of the United States, that many were in arranged marriages set up by their families back in India.

That is some deep cultural stuff to unlock. Also, I never got the sense from the women in these arrangements that they wanted it to change. So, until the dissent grows from within, there's little chance outside forces will affect it, aside from deepening it.

There is a gay community in India, though. So, slowly, this will sort itself out.

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The whole situation in India

The whole situation in India can be applied to plenty of other places in the world. Lots of countries are extremely oppressive when it comes to homosexuality. But yes, very tragic indeed.

The link to that twitter page that was provided in the article really pissed me off too.

"If my son or daughter were gay, I'd shoot that motherfucker in the face and try again."


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Man. The anonymity of the

Man. The anonymity of the internet brings out a lot of stuff like this. o_O
It isn't even legal in some countries!