This morning, I was a Rocky Horror virgin.

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Yeah. So, Leah and Amy and James and I went to the Rocky Horror Live Show tonight... Like this:

That was before James and I got big virgin Vs drawn on our faces in lipstick. And yes, that's James wearing a corset and fishnets and garters. James is Amy's boyfriend. He's an actual transvestite. Either that or he just does it for Amy, I don't know.

Aaand... yeah. The show was pretty much what I expected, although the audience wasn't. Apparently the midnight show is where the really crazy audiences come in; we mostly had middle-aged people wearing normal clothes, not the boobies and crossdressing everywhere that I was kind of expecting. James was the only guy in drag in the audience, and everyone else was very excited about his fishnets and corset and found it difficult to believe he was a Rocky Horror virgin.

And, that show, who is it supposed to be about? I mean, Rocky is the title character, Brad and Janet are set up as the leads, Frank is the character everybody knows about, and does Riff-Raff always steal the whole show or was that just in this performance? 'Cause I'd never even heard of that character before, and he completely owned the stage tonight. Huge stage presence, and a pretty magnificent voice. And he was kind of hot. Leah especially was very attracted to him, and James and I agreed, yeah, he was hot.

And after the show the four of us went to IHOP, still in our whore garb because we failed to bring any pants, and somehow IHOP let us eat there even though we were clearly not wearing pants and Leah's shirt might not have counted as a shirt either. And then everyone else from the audience miraculously showed up at IHOP, so we moved over to their tables and socialized with these strangers we had just met at the theater. And I'm not entirely sure what happened, but it involved a lot of licking things. Like James licking his nipple, and everybody licking the syrup bottle.

So, in summary, college has stripped away my boundaries and reservations to the point where I will wear fishnets to an insane play, dance the Time Warp, pose on a chair shaped like a high-heeled shoe, eat at IHOP without any pants on, indirectly share saliva with a random stranger man, and take duct tape off to bare my chest in the same room as two girls and a guy. I don't know what's happened to me. I don't know who that is second from the left in that photo up there, 'cause it sure ain't someone I know.

But I think it is someone I like.


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Is it my iMac that's not co-operating?

Dunno... but I can't view the pic! :(

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I can't see it either o:
“Why do you sit there looking like an envelope without any address on it?”

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nothing here either


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Not sure what that code is, but it isn't linking to an image.

"You can judge the whole world on the sparkle that you think it lacks" - Dawes, When My Time Comes (

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I've had this problem with images before - the easy way to get them on the internet only let me see them, and the way that let everyone else see was more difficult but I would do it anyway because no one else could see otherwise. But that way doesn't work anymore. So I guess no one but me can see the photo......... It's Leah and me and James and Amy in our corsets and fishnets and too much makeup, looking like alien vampire whores or something.

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I don't get it.

Were they showing the movie in a cinema again, or what?

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Live show. People on stage acting it all out, walking through the audience and touching James 'cause he was such a fabulous transvestite, a live band doing all the callback lines and not wearing any pants.

They do still show the film in cinemas most places, though. I think I want to go to the movie now that I've been to the live show, but here it only shows once or twice a year (I've heard of cinemas in other places that play it every week!); we missed it when it was playing in October, but we'll probably go next year.