We are Thunderstorms

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Somehow we never really expect big rainstorms here after winter's over. And somehow every year we get one or two. Funny how that works; you'd think we'd come to expect it. Anyway. Today was one of those big spring rainstorms; it was fantastic. And then in the evening it even thundered and lightninged (which why the hell does spellcheck recognize 'lightninged' as a word?) and downpoured.

And I stood in the rain in my trench coat and laughed. Because whenever it rains like that - and especially when it thunders and lightnings (there goes the spellcheck recognizing 'lightnings' as a verb again), I just can't help laughing at how awesome it is.

I don't just laugh when things are funny; I laugh when things are awesome, too. It's a completely different sort of laugh, sometimes a little maniacal, sometimes just awesome. Does everyone else do that too?

And then the friends and neighbors got back from wherever they were, and they changed their shoes - women, different shoes for every occasion, I just got my sneakers soaking wet, although now I am tempted by the idea of a nice pair of rubber rainboots - and we romped and danced through the storm, finding all the biggest puddles on campus and splashing in them like mad, twirling around lampposts (not that we have very good lampposts, but we found one that was sort of okay), twirling around each other, skipping through the sheets of water that coated the pavement. And getting thoroughly, thoroughly soaked.

Then, after our raincoats (even my badass ankle-length black trench coat) had completely failed to keep any part of us dry, we returned to the dorms and disrobed from our soggy garments in the lobby. I even took my pants off - they were very, very wet, and I did have a long shirt on. Leah was proud of me - "Pants are optional!" is one of her mottoes, and she seems to have taught me well. This is... actually the second time I've taken my pants off in a less-than-private place this month, wow. The other time was when the ocean filled our kayak with water a couple of weeks ago at the beach, and my pants got very, very wet, and I wore a towel while we built a sand castle. Leah has taught me well indeed, although she seems to live more by "Shirts are optional," and occasionally sits around the lobby wearing only pants and a bra.

Now on our whiteboard we are thunderstorms. That's probably the most badass thing we've been yet - so far we've been ninja spies, squidfaced pirates, panda wranglers, assassinating Caesar, electron wizards, muddy explorers, sleepy hobbits, and now thunderstorms.

I don't think I'm effectively conveying how much fun we had. It was fantastic. Epic, maybe.

And now the thunder is back. Muahahahahaa.....


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Aah, that seems like amazing

Aah, that seems like amazing fun! Here it is so sunny, you get blinded by the sun. Literally.
It would be awesome if they organised a community rain dance when an awesome thunderstorm happened.

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I love storms. Even when the

I love storms. Even when the loud thunderclaps wake me up or scare the shit out of me. I think they're kind of romantic in a weird way I can't quite describe, even when they are frighteningly violent.

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Me, too!

As a child (up to 14) I lived on the edge of a very small mid-western farming community... a fairly large timber across the gravel road to the north.

When a summer storm would be descending from the north, I loved to go out on the long tin-covered porch open to the north and be very excited to watch the dark clouds and lightning rolling towards me over the timber...

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i love all storms

Rain, Thunder, Snow, Extreme Thunder, Flash Flooding everything