weather is odd here

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the last couple of weeks its been boiling like summer weather today its been snowy and hail, SNOW AND HAIL, its 6 feet deep up in Haddington & West Whitburn and 8 foot all the way up in Inverness , Jesus Christ Scotland's weathers always been Random, Sporadic and unpredictable but never 8 foot of snow after a whole week, it was 20 degrees during the last week that is the hottest weather in Scotland since 2003 now it was -7 a hour ago now its 2 what the fuck weather?

Weather Y U NO Make sense?

Scotlands a Land of Extremes

bleh i wish it made for sense, i have sort of a "6th sense" for weather (its like the pinkie pie sense of weather) and its acting up alot now its so fucking annoying.