what a week

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my internet wasn't working on my laptop -_- so i was using my galaxy tab for a while, im back on the laptop now but ive had a odd week.

i had the perfect chance to sit next to Ian yesterday. since the exams are next week we were doing revision in History and could sit anywhere. Ian looked so lonely i wanted to sit next to him, i had the best fucking shot and i missed it his sister came in late and sat next to him. at least we sit opposite each other in Classics, get to see him on Monday and Tuesday, bad side after the exams are over im moving up to Kirkliston so ill never see him again :'(.

my mum kicked her jackass of a boyfriend out, thank god it took her up to the point my brother tried to stab him to realize he was a twat. i didn't like him he was such a twat and his kids were so annoying, so when my mum was at work at night she didn't fucking bother to let me be alone, at least she accidently got awesome people to watch us, on Thursday we had a local legend Darryl Kitt over we just turned up the music and played COD8 in split screen.

my exams start on Wednesday, Computing and Classics on the first day god im going to fail them all so bad.


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Hey... Don't be so pessimistic!

My bet is that you're going to do quite well on those exams next Wednesday!

And... great on the home improvements. :)

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thanks elph

its mostly Computing, Chemistry and Biology that will with out a doubt kick my arse but i can garantee i will pass with flying colours in Latin & Classics