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FCG's Facebook got hacked to say that she's gay (because she would NEVER post that herself, nope!) and my mom liked the status. Oh my god, I have never been so embarrassed in my life, even if I don't talk to FCG anymore. I didn't even know she and my mom were still Facebook friends! Like, I am so embarrassed that I almost want to delete my Facebook. Ahahahaha nervous laughter... Oh god mom no, you can't do things like that! I LIKED FCG! I have never really been the type to get embarrassed by parents over dumb things, but OH MY GOD

I totally forgot what else I was even going to write. I can almost feel myself dying of embarrassment now. She did this to a (straight) guy I was friends with last year too, but HE WASN'T THE GIRL I HAD THE BIGGEST CRUSH OF MY LIFE SO FAR ON, NOW WAS HE?

I am sorry for the capslock, but this is quite possibly the most embarrassed I've ever been in all my life. I still just cannot even wrap my head around anything that just happened.

...Wait, do you think my mom KNEW!? I never mentioned it to her because I thought she would flip out about the age thing, even though, personally, I still don't think it was a big deal, as FCG is only a year and a half older than me, but I digress.

Oh, that's right, speaking of FCGs, I was gonna tell you all about how proud Mini FCG made me today. You guys remember her, right? That, like, 13-year-old who looks like a younger version of FCG? From the art class?

So, the table of 10-13 year olds started ranting about politics today. That usually turns out hilariously. I mean, I'm going to be 18 this year, and I only even care about a few issues. Usually their debates are basically, "My mom says Obama is bad, so he's bad!" vs. "Yeah, well, my parents voted for him, so there!" 

Anyway, so, for some reason, one of them mentions gay marriage. All of them freak out and are all like, "EWWWW!" except for Mini FCG.

Mini FCG: You guys are being really immature. It's okay if gay people get married.
Other Girl 1: NO IT'S TOO WEIRD
Other Girl 2: BUT THE BIBLE
Mini FCG: That doesn't matter. Mature adults who love each other should be able to get married.
Me: Mini FCG is right.

All of them turn to look at me across the room, most with grossed-out expressions except for, of course, Mini FCG. She nods in agreement, and then I go back to doing whatever it was I was doing... And then all the others at that table flip out and start calling Mini FCG a homo and she just yells, "NO I AM NOT GAY I JUST THINK HATE IS STUPID!"

A round of applause for Mini FCG!

I haven't seen many people that age around here who don't hate gay people. Everyone I know was a huge ass about it until at least 15-16. Well, the people in my age group, anyway... There are lots of adults who are still huge asses about it.


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that is awesome!

about mini FCG, I mean. I kinda remember her from past posts! But that's hilarious about your mom. she knew, and deep down, FCG probably did too. lol.

also, as far as the whole parents on FB thing, i learned the hard way. deleted my mom about a month ago when she freaked out over a post about her quaker relatives, when I said her fam was a bit weird, sometimes. to a friend. lol

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Haha, yeah, I was surprised,

Haha, yeah, I was surprised, actually. For some reason, I thought she was a Mormon for a while. I don't know where my brain pulled that (incorrect) info from.

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That's redick!

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Yay for Mini FCG!

Yay for Mini FCG!

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Change your Facebook to gay and see if your Mom likes your status?

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i thought that exact same thing


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I know she would haha but I

I know she would haha but I have extended family on there I'd rather tell personally than via Facebook.

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FCG rocks! I tried to change

FCG rocks!
I tried to change my status to bi on Facebook but my mom wouldn't let me.

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Mini FCG or regular FCG?

Mini FCG or regular FCG? Regular FCG's Facebook got hacked and now she deleted the status out of embarrassment, so I too am slightly less embarrassed by what my mom did... but now I am 110% certain I will never talk to FCG again! So embarrassing!

Wait... Oh my god, what if the status was legit and then she got scared and just said someone hacked it? That seems like an FCGish thing to do... Sorry, just thinking out loud here.

Also, that sucks! A lot of info on Facebook has settings that let you control who sees what. Does the orientation option have that? You could always block your mom from seeing it, if it does.