Wow. There are a lot of new journals.

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Once I'm behind, it's hard to catch up. I have no idea where to start.

I'm listening to Trance Around the World with Above and Beyond. I want to make love to this music. It almost turns me on because it feels so amazing listening to it. Maybe I'm a phonophile, even though that doesn't exist yet. Oh my god, it feels like an orgasm in my ears. All the heavy kicks!

Also, the new season of Marble Hornets started, if you're a fan of that show. Just letting y'all know. Entry #54 is much better than the last season.

Anyway, this will in fact be a Brad journal. Just a short update.

This morning, I once again had doubts about Brad because he made a joke that one of our friends likes dicks. Then my mind was again changed when he was talking to said friend, who was sitting in front of me, and I turned around to look the other direction. When I turned back and looked at Brad, his pupils got a lot bigger. That's a good sign. Also, when I took one of my new mints (with my name on the box, yeah!) he asked for one. That was a good excuse for me to touch his hand. :)

He makes political cartoons now. For our history homework we have to make one about Latin America in the 20th century, and he made one for himself and two for his friends who couldn't come up with anything. He's really clever.

This is me when I'm close to him:

Actually, I got an erection just thinking about seeing his face close up. Why is he so beautiful?


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LOL! Your cartoon describes

LOL! Your cartoon describes what I say to my penis all the time!!!!!!!!