a couple things

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new poem: http://tycoondasher.deviantart.com/#/d5038vx

about the poem that, i nearly relapsed back into cutting for almost no reason too, thank god i didn't though, SO CLOSE too i could have completely failed too, i then remembered so many people's help like Inspired-Creativity on dA and Rainbow and Matt in reality were very helpful too, hell Oasis was awesome too.

the poem helped too, poetry helps alot with this.

on to a unrelated topic, i have got a perfect idea for my story, but you'll just have to wait for that.

and finally i just received my first ever Biphobic thing ever, and on Tumblr i had to be too, if only that Anon wasn't so cowardly to could track Hen down


if i had a little more energy i could have made a better insult, but damn laziness

i know i couldn't have been any of my followers

6 followers are eliminated as they are on here
about 10 more are bi/pan my followers are bi/pan anyway
1 wasn't following me yet
the rest are so obviously accepting, i wonder who hmm


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Biphobic? Is that even a

Biphobic? Is that even a word? Is she just homophobic in general or is it only directed at bisexual people?

Also, I will never understand the difference between pansexuals and bisexuals. They're the same damn thing. Pansexuals call themselves that so they can sound deeper or cooler. Sorry if there are any pansexual people on here, but you guys are bisexual. Just sayin'.

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Bisexual slurs are a little different |D

They're mostly implying we're sluts, cheating, or really confused and should pick a side. THings like that.

Also, you're right. Pansexuality is wrong. ~Panromantic~ isn't. There are two sexes- plus intersex, which is a mix- but a range of genders (or so people say). So when people say pansexual, I mostly hear "look at me I'm so special I like people for themselves not their genetalia hur hur hur" and I'm like
shut up
you're no speshul snoflake

Personally all of these asinine labels piss me off in general. Who cares!? Like who you like, don't like who you don't like, sleep with whoever.... why do we need labels?
That's redick!

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There are like...

30 words for bisexual, at least.

"You can judge the whole world on the sparkle that you think it lacks" - Dawes, When My Time Comes (http://youtu.be/Z0FrcTX6hWI)

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Biphobic is a word

its basically Homophobia but against Bisexuals, Shelby did a pretty good job of describing it

there is no difference, they are the same thing and most of them i met aren't even bi and just "scene" -_- at least there is pretty much no Scottish Scene's kids and Pansexuals

of course you can be Panromantic, that does exist, im a Panromantic myself

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Provocation by an asshole

Hey Tycoondashkid, you can't let shit like that bother you! Every day I hear things come out of people's mouth's and would love nothing more than to punch them in the face. Of course if I did that, I'd likely be in jail right now.
The majority of people speak before they think about what they are saying or who they may be hurting. Over-reaction is their victory. Never give them that power over you. Hate is a false emotion. Hate can only have power if a person allows it to have power. It's like getting mad at your shoe's for being laced too tight. Who tied em?

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it didn't really bother me, i was really just in a weird mood at the time, i'd say hate is a weapon, a weapon that should never be used, but is used all too often, and the power of this weapon is in not the vocal but the quiet

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Your right. I just didn't want to hear you started cutting again because of some arse! I liked your poem by the way. Keep writing! It's great therapy. I always write voraciously when i'm upset or angered about something. It's like fuel. Peace!

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its ok

i didn't cut, i resisted, thanks by the way :) i have more, and im trying to write a story but im hitting writers block :(

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Writer's block is maddening

Yeah, I am very familiar with writer's block. You have to separate yourself from writing, briefly, until your in the right frame of mind. Everyone is different so you have to kind of recognize when it may be the best time. For myself, I usually get the itch(mentally) to want to write when i'm feeling emotional about someone or something. Don't worry though it'll come to you.

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its weird

i have a writers block but not a poets block

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It's not that weird.

Writing poetry is different from writing stories. I think it's easier writing poetry. There are more mental roadblocks with stories, i think. At least, when it comes to editing what i write. I tend to edit as i'm writing poetry. With a story,for example, I could write ten pages and when I go back and read it, i might throw out several pages due to a variety of reasons. Poems tend to be a lot fewer words so editing is easier. Poems should flow. I hope that makes sense, and I have a strong vocabulary, which helps me make the reader think more. You know, like reading between the lines, I've had friends ask if I was okay after they've read some of my darker poems.(i used to have a lot of these going back to high school, computer crashed and I lost everything except what I had on paper) I was lazy I guess. I posted one recently(not too dark,though)

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that makes sense

ive got my first story kind of ready to write, got my Characters (only 2), Setting, Plot and everything ready 'cept a will to write

im going to write a dark poem basically about whats happened in the past 3 years of my life (Neglection, Abuse, Self Harm & Hatred, Attempted Suicide, a MASSIVE Lust for Revenge that nearly drove me to INSANITY) and im going to eventually

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Writer's Block...

.. is usually a lack of preparation. I've never really had it, since I do a lot of work in advance to ensure it doesn't happen. I am planning to start editing my novel on June 11, and have been creating schedules and such to ensure everything is ready to go well in advance. Most of it is about making sure I have the time set aside, not wondering if I'll be able to do it those days. I just will...

Writing can be like meditation. You sit there and are constantly distracted, and then it's a matter of whether you let the distractions win. When I'm writing, I block off a three hour window, minimum, to write. If I don't find the focus, I still sit there and do nothing for 3 hours. You have to honor the commitment, then you're less likely to keep thinking of other things to do, if you refuse to do them. It is much better to write for three hours, then sit there.

"You can judge the whole world on the sparkle that you think it lacks" - Dawes, When My Time Comes (http://youtu.be/Z0FrcTX6hWI)

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i am Prepared and not easily Distracted

i think its a lack of motivation