Almost Discovered

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Fuck fuck fuckity fuck I wish I'd just be seen by my Mother so I wouldn't have to hide this anymore. I don't want to be discovered but it beats the sneaking around.


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Still not ready to tell us what you've been doing?

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It's just so embarassing.

I've done my fair share of almost accidentally exposing the things I've done. To date, I've left two things out in the open accidentally and I wonder if my mom saw any of them. Maybe I could tell you if you want in private messaging.

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I am curious to know

But only if you're comfortable telling.

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Short, ambiguous journals

Short, ambiguous journals are a great way to rack up the comments, I've noticed.

Sounds like you're referring to a pesky drug addiction or something. What have you been up to, if you don't mind sharing?

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I wish,

drugs is way less embarassing than this thing.

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"You can judge the whole world on the sparkle that you think it lacks" - Dawes, When My Time Comes (

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i knew this was coming

Masturbation, are you getting your 5 a day?

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well I do my fair share of batin' but that is so not what this is about. lol

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can relate to alot of things, Fetishes, Kinks, Sexuality etc, its the answer to EVERYTHING

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You missed the point though...

This thing isn't about masturbation.

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XD i couldn't Resist it

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I'm assuming... just learned how?

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since i was 11

elph, im an expert in it now

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When I was 11...

I can recall how proud I was when I was finally able to maintain my balance on my bicycle with "no hands!" You're not an expert until you've mastered this feat! :)

btw... I was probably 6!

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umm Elph

i meant able to Wank & Cum successfully, were 6 would be pretty impossible, although i won't doubt you touched yourself, i did it all the time (i once was excluded from my Nursery when i was 6 for keeping my hand down my pants XD) but im willy to bet you didn't wank

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Maybe my attempt at subtlety failed... yet again :(

Putting it bluntly... you're not "expert" until you've mastered truly "mental" masturbation... i.e., no hands! (I'll probably now be banned!)

An interesting experiment... but I'm sure that only few are capable... or, have the patience (absolutely no criticism implied)!

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No Joke it was hard as hell (pun intended) and took about 45 mins but i got it

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Let's see, it ain't sex, not drugs, did you get a tatoo or a piercing? No. I believe that would be forbidden if your Muslim. Is it clothing? I don't know but I love the mastubation theory!