Being Trans*gender

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So, I know I promised two entries yesterday and only wrote one, which was off the radar in terms of subjects I said I would be focusing on.

So here's a post that I don't know how well it will turn out because I'm still processing the ideas in my own head. But It's actually going to be about trans*genderism in general.

Being trans*gender does NOT mean:
-you need to go to (gender) therapy
-you are sick/ill/have a disease/are possessed
-you need to take hormones
-you need to have surgery
-you need to hate your body
-you need to hate yourself


I forget what else Iwanted to write. Sorry for the crappy post again.


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A very true and reasonable

A very true and reasonable list. Refer to it whenever you're in doubt, and try your hardest to follow it! :)

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Who's the audience for this advice? I'd wager it wouldn't be Oasis?

I do have issues with the trans movement in regard to its goal of perpetual discontentment, but all of the above is pretty basic.

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