Big Dumb Sex

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I think this song is fucking hilarious, cause it's such a stereotypically obnoxious rock song.

I was at the beach today, and as I started to leave, I rode past these people with these big signs standing by the ferry lanes all saying REPENT YO SINS! JESUS CHRIST WILL SAVE YOU FROM ETERNAL DAMNATION!.
If you've ever seen Futurama, like that preacher robot, God I fucking love that show.
But I thought it was weird, until now I thought those people kinda only existed in either caricatures or the Westboro Baptist Church, it's kinda weird to see them at the beach.
Frankly, it's kinda admirable that they go to all that work.

Basically, that's the only interesting thing that happened today or at all this week. I haven't journaled because all I've done is basically jack off and drink coffee, sometimes at the same time, you know.
And that doesn't make good journaling material, so yeah.

Something sorta interesting, but more just fucking angering, was my realization yesterday that my AP test for Physics, and my driving test, fall on the fucking SAME DAY, Monday, so now I have to FUCKING RESCHEDULE THE DRIVING TEST FUCK FUCK SHIT MOTHERFUCKER ASS TITS CUNT COCK MOTHERFUCKER SHIT ASS TITS MOTHERFUCKER SHIT.

Whatever, I guess, I don't really have anywhere that I desperately need to drive to. They're out of parking permits anyway now, so I'll be taking the bus to school for the rest of this year, at least.
But there are some places I'd like to drive, and also it'd kinda be nice to know that I don't need to deal with this shit anymore and that I can just HAVE the license.

Ah, first world teenage problems, right?

So, if you've gotten used to me being intelligent when I journal, forget it for tonight, I've got a fucking caffeine deprivation headache and allergies buttfucking me in the face, so I shall resume intelligent journals soon.
Night guys.


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Man I'm so happy I showed you that song

BUT Y U NO CALL ME UP TO GO TO THE BEACH, I was so bored today.

That's redick!

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Obnoxious... Definitely! But, hilarious? Hardly!

Oh... Good luck on tomorrow's AP Physics! (I wonder how I'd do were I to take it on "cold").

Nice pastime you have... but keep the coffee intake below the legal limit (and no extra cream)!

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Good Luck on your Physics

i personally have a Chemistry exam on Monday

thats for the first song, know i can't get it out of my head

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I love Soundgarden. One of

I love Soundgarden. One of the best bands of the 90's, definitely.

Also, good luck on that AP Psychics test. Seriously. There are juniors at my school who left that test last year literally in tears because it was so frustratingly difficult. Not that I'm trying to scare you or anything. Just, y'know, brace yourself.

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Me Too!

Yeah maybe a little obnoxious, but I love Chris Cornell's voice and he's very sexy. 'Fell on black days', 'Rusty Cage' I don't know but I like em! I saw him when he was with Audioslave live at the Lollapolooza tour a few years back.

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Oh, lucky!

I fell madly in love with Audioslave right after they broke up, so sadly, I doubt I'll ever get a chance to see them live. Unless they magically launch a reunion tour or something. That would be fantastic. It would be life-changing to see them in concert.