Brandon Lacy Campos on coming out as HIV Positive...

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Oasis is a bit of a transient website, people come, sort things out, drift away, etc. Brandon Lacy (the Campos came later, I believe) was a writer on Oasis during its very early days, and he remains a committed LGBT activist as the co-executive director of Queers for Economic Justice.

Although I mainly think of him as someone I tease endlessly on Facebook, every so often, he reminds me there is more to him than an easy joke (although I adore easy jokes), such as this piece he contributed to The Advocate about coming out HIV-positive:

"I tested positive for HIV when I was barely out of college, and, based on my previous incarnation as an organizer, one would think that I would have pinned on a red ribbon, adopted this new identity, and added HIV rights to my roster of causes.

Not even close."

Read the whole thing at

Not only is he a great writer, and a fabulous person, but this piece highlights the need for Oasis to remind ourselves every so often that HIV is still part of our lives and experience, despite it becoming manageable and less visible in our community.

One of the high risk groups is young sexually-active people who don't know they have HIV, so read the essay, and think about decisions you have made in the past and how you might make different ones in the future.

And before you all attack me, I know not everyone here is sexually active, blahblahblah, but sexually active people are often at a lower risk, since they assume sex has risk and are prepared for the party, whereas people who only have sex in a relationship, but have a series of short-term monogamous relationships, are often at greater risk. (I just pulled all of that out of my head or somesuch, so don't ask for citations, heh)