Bulimia & a Cinquain

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Went to an online poetry lesson for credit yesterday. We had to write a cinquain together, it sucked but that's just cause I hate working with people...then while they wrote one I wrote one about my issues with being in groups of teenagers. Here it is:
In plain sight I
Am the one that doesn't
Quite fit this puzzle of people
I think I might have an eating disorder. I am 5' 2" and weigh 86 lbs, down 3 lbs in the last year. However, when I look in the mirror I see my stomach sticking out and my legs look fat. Also, I have taken to stealing large amounts of cookies and chocolate when my parents are out and eating or stashing them. I have a really well hidden horde of Whonus my mom hasn't found missing yet. And I always feel really ugly because of my acne and one of my ears sticks out farther than the other. So it might just be a complete body image issue. I look forward to when I have my own money so I can get some work done. God, that sounds awfull doesn't it? But I really hate looking at myself...
Rehearsals are fracking terrible. All 12 of the Young/Enchanted Maidens don't know they're lines, and I can't help because I'm an Old/Unenchanted Maiden so we're never onstage together. Also the guy playing the Prince version of the Beast doesn't know his lines. He, the Little Maidens, the Faeries and the Faeries' mother don't deserve to be onstage. I knew we shouldn't have let little kids be in our plays. That's what the fracking daycamps are for, you idiot parents!
On a happier note, I think my parents are letting me go to overnight writers' camp this summer. It's going to be epic! (literally--it's called TeenWrite: Epic). Granted, they'll be in a hotel a mile away, but it'll still be nice to get away.
G2G. Schoolwork.


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Sadly, self esteem issues aren't fixed by "getting work done".

Why do you think all the beautiful people starve themselves dead? They never think they're pretty, not one second, even when they're "perfect" size.
That's redick!