Casual Nuances

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So today was my finals day. And I passed them all which I'm very happy about. After yesterday my nice leather boots were a bit dirty so last night I decided to clean them and wore them today with my skinny farmboy jeans (not the actual name but I call them as such) and yes including other normal clothing involved.

So I decided I was going to beast on those tests and sure enough I really did it! Aside from my criked out neck and sleepyness. It felt so amazing to pass again. It feels sad at the same time seeing people drop courses and fail though especially when it's people you knew personally. Or even the emotional breakdown which happened to my other dear friend.

It makes me feel very blessed that I've come so far and I comtinue to make a path, I'm on the straight path that Allah has given me to walk. I also wish that something could be done for my fellow classmates, I hate to see them fail but it's out of my control. More power to them that they may soon regain a good GPA and financial aid.

As it is I barely passed my math, but I made it. I think I'll go play my classical guitar, it's nice weather for it right now since the air is cool and there's not too much humidity. Tomorrow will be a day of uncertainty and fear, some heavy weather is going to drop from the skies and rain down upon us in our region.

Peace to everyone here that they may face no tragedies. Peace to all of you readers of my journals too.