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Clothes aren't gendered.
In fact, we as a society, are responsible for socially constructing meanings and attaching them to different genders. So dresses in and of themselves have no gender. But we attach dresses to female-identified people, and so we come to think of dresses as a woman's outfit.

Anyway, its weird because there are clothes I want to wear but I want to wear them with a flat chest. And only with a flat chest, so that doesn't really work.

I'm disappointed, though.

I really want to wear v-neck shirts, and tank tops. But not with a chest.


It's late and I'm getting tired/lazy and whiny (I think?) so I'll write more on this topic later. I'm hoping I can do one journal entry a day, if possible.


As always, feel free to leave comments or ask questions, etc.


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My boyfriend looks awesome in v-necks and tank tops...

I'm sure you will, too, if you decide to get yours flattened surgically, or bind them (I'm not sure if the binding would peek though) C:
That's redick!

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:) Boys in v-necks / boys in

Boys in v-necks / boys in tank tops are awesome :D

I need to get a better binder first, if I'm going to do that, but I'd love to :)

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i agree

clothes shouldn't have genders

also Ian looks hot in a vest

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:D Agree agree who?

:D Agree agree


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hes my crush


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And... he yours? Crossed fingers! :)

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hes never going to be mine :'(

i won't ever see him again after the 25th either

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That's really tough...

I don't know what else to say... :(

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its ok

i just need time

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"there are clothes I want to

"there are clothes I want to wear but I want to wear them with a flat chest"

Social constructions around gender are wierd and there's no easy way to unpack them without threatening other people's identities, be they cis or trans*.