Dan Savage...

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Is pretty much a boss...just sayin...the guy is a genius. practically. nobody ever wins an argument with him, and his new show savageu is pretty funny.


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I feel rather bad...

...about all of the unfavorable comments hurled at him from the right for his comments made before an assembly of high-school(?) journalists last week...

Blunt, yes! But they couldn't accept his honesty...

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not the best Savage out there

just sayin'

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Ohh, I went to his stand-up

Ohh, I went to his stand-up about half a year ago, he was frikken hilarious! Unfortunately, I hadn't heard of him at that point, only googled him when I got home.

It was quite an intimate thing (only about 20-30 of us there), so I missed out big time on going up to talk to him as a few people were doing xD
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