Gorgeousness and gorgeousity

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This is pretty hot

It really makes the fucking insanity of the piece shine out. Beethoven was a madman.
Could you compose that if you'd been deaf for like 10 years and hard of hearing for decades more?
I think not.

Not much time to say anything, except yesterday I passed my drive test. Hooray. I can now drive unattended. Legally, at least. Obviously, I could before, just under slight fear of being pulled over and I don't know what done to me.
Not that I did, mind you.
And today I actually did that for the first time. My parents were at a soccer game, and I just drove around, it was awesome. I got a Blizzard.
Excellent. Night guys.


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Congrats on getting your license!

"You can judge the whole world on the sparkle that you think it lacks" - Dawes, When My Time Comes (http://youtu.be/Z0FrcTX6hWI)

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I never like pieces put

I never like pieces put through a program like sibelius, it seems to take all the soul out of the music. Anyway, the visuals on it were really cool.

By far my favourite at the moment:

“Why do you sit there looking like an envelope without any address on it?”

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You live in a very scenic region... Enjoy it to the fullest...

It's best, however, if the experience can be shared! But... please... always drive intelligently and safely!


For me... I'm still away from home enjoying the sights along the eastern shore of Lake Michigan.

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I can't like Beethoven.

He's never made a song that I've actually enjoyed listening to. That one was awesome at first, but just got bad when it seemed like a drone of fast notes that didn't have any impact on me. Chopin, on the other hand, composed very fast notes that each have a huge impact. Sort of like this song:

Fast and brief, yet powerful notes. I had to make a comparison to my music to make this post interesting to me.