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Yeah, I've been intermittently telling myself for a long time now that I don't care about Solace. Finally it's actually true. Freedom!
(His mustache does look stupid, by the way. And even if he didn't have a stupid mustache I would still be cooler than him without even trying now. Maybe that's why I don't care anymore - Solace had been one of my models of cool for far too long (against my will, but even so), and now that I'm cooler than he is, mission accomplished! Or whatever. He is no longer my model of cool; he is no longer my rival in love; I am finally free of the burden of caring about Solace. Not that he's been on my mind much at all for a while now anyway. Regardless. I think I started a parentheses a while ago? It... slipped away from me, yeah.)

What else. Just volunteered to be part of this 'panel' to answer queer-related questions from a bunch of future high-school teachers... That went well. I had nothing but good things to say, because apparently all the angst I went through in high school is completely insignificant to the awesomeness of the last few months before graduation. Also only good things to say about college - I do find it difficult to take seriously other people's stories of not being accepted here, since I was met with pretty much ultimate acceptance. One girl lives in the same building as I do, and she said that she feels unwelcome for being gay, and like she's had to go back in the closet since coming here. I don't know how to believe that - two floors below, I've been out proud and fabulous, and no one even cares that I sleep in the girls' wing and shower in the guys' bathroom. That seems kind of bigger than just being a lesbian - less likely to be accepted. But she says she doesn't feel comfortable here...

And.... Leah and Cyborg are going on a triple date in drag tomorrow. They're not allowed to call it a date, because Cyborg's still a Resident Advisor (dammit, spellcheck, 'advisor' is so spelled with an 'o') and therefore cannot fraternize with residents in that way, but it's totally a date - they're going out to dinner with two Official Couples, and they've been flirting a ridiculous amount for a long time, and one time he used his untiring cyborg powers to give her a back massage for four hours while she did math homework, et cetera et cetera. And all six people are going to crossdress. It'll be great; wish I could see them all in their drag, but I'll be gone for the weekend by then.

And I have English homework that I really should be doing instead of whatever-it-is-I-have-been-doing, but procrastination abounds....

Yeah, that's about it.

Oh - question though. It's safe to masturbate while you have a cold sore, right? Because genital herpes and cold sores are caused by just-different-enough varieties of pretty much the same virus that even if the virus from your lip gets on your hands because viruses are like that, it can't infect your genitals? I think that's right... 'cause everyone gets cold sores, and not everyone gets genital herpes. Okay then, I feel better now.


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End a journal like that and you have everyone on Oasis picturing you masturbating now...

Oh I get it, you like it that way! Tricky, tricky...

"You can judge the whole world on the sparkle that you think it lacks" - Dawes, When My Time Comes (http://youtu.be/Z0FrcTX6hWI)

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That question...

You haven't invested in a quality vibrator? :)

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it's safe, don't ask me how i know that

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Simply wash hands

If your paranoid about it, simply wash your hands and have at it.