I Amuse Myself

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You know that feeling when you finally get something out that you couldn't express any other way? In which it was almost an explosion of creativity and emotion. I finally got that out last night. It felt so good to switch on that old 4-track recorder and jot down that musical sketch. It felt so good to feel the fire of creativity kindled once more.

The keyboard, bass, drum pad, recorder, all tools I'm still familiar with even after a (highly unintended) two year hiatus. Just going throught the prepping process was exhiliarting. First turn on both of the power strips, then hook up the keyboard to the recorder, record on track one. Then when I was done with that I switched out the keyboard for bass.

After recording bass on track two, I disconnected it and plugged in the drum pad for track 3. So after an hour I actually had a song since I made it up as I went along. I was thinking of maybe recording another experimental piece today as well but I think I'll wait until my friend returns from his schooling in the East of my state.

Granted I could make more songs but I still need to get more proper microphones. And the songs him and I recorded were highly vulgar and Punk-ish. Not that I don't like vulgarity and Punk once in a while, but we had recorded on a standard "shoebox" recorder. Most of the tape however soon turned into us talking about random subjects.

Everything from high school we used to feast on to world events. And pretty much everything inbetween therein. But man those songs we recorded were fucking insane-o-shit. First there was the one and that Bieber guy, then the one about a fight between two bums on the bus and last but not least a guy going insane in a McBurger place.

He made me realize (once again in a long time) that music is about having fun and enjoying yourself, not about impressing someone else. I almost forgot that, peace to him for showing me that.