i hate ZILLATARDS! (AKA Godzilla vs Zilla)

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for gods sake its ok if you like Zilla (the American Godzilla from the 1998 piece of crap!) but for fucks sake he can't kill Godzilla!

listen to the logic here Zilla's more of fight for American King Kong, The Host and maybe some other monsters his size

OK imagine a Ferrari vs a Tank its obvious whos going to win, the tank could blow the shit out of the Ferrari

its a brilliant metaphor too!

Godzilla's Slow & Clumsy but hes massive, nearly undestructable and has atomic breath and oh yeah is a walking NUKE!

Zilla? just Speed and Agility, for fucks sake he was killed by fucking F-18s!

Aliens can't even kill Godzilla, hes fucking invincible

some people even say Zilla's bigger and stronger? fuck no! hes about 3 times as big as a house, Godzilla's bigger than the empire state building, Toho (the company that made Godzilla) put Zilla in Godzilla: Final Wars and he fucking got has asskicked in roughly 15 seconds


Zilla Sucks, ok? he is his own tiny, stupid little monster but hes not fucking worthy of GODzilla or even Zilla! call him Gino or Tunahead or some shit!

he aint gonna fucking kill Godzilla, Only 1 monster has killed Godzilla and thats the Desotroyah.

hell even Megaguirius could kill Zilla! and hes weak as shit

he had a chance and TriStar blew it, give it up America you lose this round!

p.s. if you forgot godzilla is this: http://www.google.co.uk/imgres?um=1&hl=en&sa=N&biw=1280&bih=699&tbm=isch...

and zilla is this: http://www.google.co.uk/imgres?um=1&hl=en&biw=1280&bih=699&tbm=isch&tbni...

Rant Over!


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Brilliant metaphor?

Just a hint, please. :)

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its good because

the Ferrari (Zilla) is fast and turns well but has no armour and no offensive weapons

The Tank Godzilla is slow and doesn't turn that easy but hes armoured and has a weapon (Atomic Breath)

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Basically the american

Basically the american version of Godzilla which is known as Zilla... is simply a overly large raptor... I mean seriously... Remember the part with the little ones. Oh and to correct your mistake... Zilla was killed by nuclear subs remember? Though please don't think by my following comments I am disagreeing with you... Becuase you are right to say Godzilla is more powerful. I just get the feeling you haven't seen every single movie so I wanted to point you towards some other ones :P

Uhmm though tycoon you do know that King kong and The japanesse Godzilla did fight each other in a movie. And Godzilla did lose :P

Plus he was defeated by Mothera and this gaint plant creature who I think the name is spelled Biolante or somthing of the sort... my seven year old mind probably fucked up how to say it. So actually Godzilla is not as invciable as you say if you have seen every single move. Plus there are a few movies where Godzilla has need assistance to even defeat what he was up against like Space Godzilla... :P

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Zilla = Pussy

and he died twice technically at the he end he/she was shot to pieces by planes, and i have seen all 29 Godzilla movies

and actually the was the Japanese King Kong, he was bigger and stronger than normal King Kong and had lightning powers, but he wasn't even meant to be in this movie it was meant to be Godzilla vs Frankenstein's Monster, but they scrapped that and made Godzilla vs King Kong and Frankenstein Conquers the World (also know as Frankenstein vs Baragon)

but Mothera had fucking back up the first time they were two more Mothera's and the second time there was Battra too

Biollante, was her name and she may have won but heres something, none of those movies are in the Timeline

that was 2 different Godzilla's, the Millenium Seris Godzilla (started in Godzilla 2000) is undestructable

and according to this rule Biollante and Space Godzilla never existed, also Godzilla never had a fight with King Kong and Mothera didn't fight him til Godzilla: Toyko SOS and she got her big butterfly ass kicked

plus actually Millenium Godzilla is much bigger than the other two Godzilla's

anyway, Mothera fights well she kicked Ghidrah's ass a few times

so yana, after Aliens removed the second Godzilla from history that Means only Godzilla Monster of Monsters, Godzilla 1985, Godzilla X Mechagodzilla (Kiyru), Tokyo SOS and Final Wars are part of the story line

as well as Different Godzilla to boot so the modern Godzilla IS undestructable

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.... Oh wow... I guess I am

.... Oh wow... I guess I am the one who hasn't seen all the Godzillia movies :P

I kind of got the fact that they implied that there was two of them... a he and a she... the male killed by the jets and the female was killed by subs...?

As I am sure you probably concluded based on what I said that these were movies I was a fan of in my younger years up to my pre teens... so really around 2001 is when my I wasn't exactlly wacthing them as much. Plus I was kind of ingorant on the idea that these movie held a timeline at that point... Less just say the social isolation years of high school increased my book smart nature, and awarness to keep up with the conical storyline of anything you enjoy. Espically when I started wacthing anime.

If I remember right Mothera was old and dieing the first time around, and so it was the child that ended up beating Godzilla...? It is the movie I remeber the most becuase it is the only one my mom likes :P

That is quite instersting... I didn't know the Japanesse had there own King Kong up until this point. I mean at the time he was orginally made in America he was actually a 'rasict' symbol of the African American. Somthing to think about next time you see the orginal. Then later was even used in WWII as a symbol to represent the Japanesse themselves in the same way. Just recently did my final semster paper on Race during the Second World War... you can read it if you want :)

Anyway going off topic a bit there... so I do find it instersting that they have there own version of him. Must be a result of occupation and westeranization type thing. Though I don't remember him shooting lighting during that movie... could you point me to a certian scene? Plus keep in my when first saw that movie... I was about 9 or younger... and told by my dad(Who probably didn't know any better ethier) that it was the same King Kong... and you can figure that a kid would certianly be excited to see his favorite monsters duke it out like that. :P Especially becuase of how much I had wacthed the orginal King Kong, and Mighty Joe Young... :P Gosh those where some of the first movies I ever saw :P

The timeline idea sounds like kind of a twist around idea that takes somthing fun and ruins it... a loophole type cop out for bad writers to get around actually trying :P In my young mind I had always seen it as Godzillia just losing a fight and getting beaten... not killed. :P At least that was when he was the bad guy... of course when he wasn't the villian monster died in my mind :P Godzillia was a childhood hero so remember that I viewed him in such a manner... and really Biollante was the only monster he faced and lost to that I actually cheered for at that age. I had action figures of Godzillia and every single monster also :P So yeah you could say he is industrudalable... I when he was beat most of the time he did just end up back in the water without actually total conformation of death. Big differnace bettewen defeat... and being dystoryed. Never really saw the whole Godzillia seris as being a tightly connected storyline anyway. More like a extermly loose seris of episodes where Godzillia, reaccuring monsters, and maybe a few other things connect if you know what I mean.

Is Millenium Godzilla the sliver one? :S

Plus if I remember right in Space Godzillia... yes I said he was beaten, but then it came back with some back up defeated him. Just like he did when he fought King Ghidrah the first time...

Yeah... that is an obvious cop out on the part of the writers to the point I can't even began to consider that conical for one of my few childhood heros. Especially sinice it means my fav battles never happens... such as against Mecha Ghidrah... Biollante... Space Godzillia... King Kong...

Oh and if you are only considering those movies... please remember he did need back up to defeat Mechagodzilla and was beat the first time he tried to challange the creature. As for Godzillia 1985... the silly reptile was defeated by humans in that one... :P I mean locked in a volcano :P

As for the other three the only one of those I know I have seen is Monster of Monsters, but can't remember what happened. Tokyo SOS and Final Wars... I was past my interst in Godzillia by then, and had moved on to Star Wars :P Plus I don't even think my dad knows about those to. He was kind of the guiding force that got me and my brother intersted in Godzilla ;P

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i think they said Zilla was Asexual a few times in the movie, but i could be wrong.

well Mothera was getting old but not dying, Godzilla killed her but her eggs hatched and Godzilla killed one but the other one was stronger, but again the two fairys probably granted the child extra strength.

yeah the Japanese Kong is just the same size of Godzilla, he can't shoot Electricity but he Electricity heals him and powers him up, although he can shock his enemies buy grabbing them and allowing the electricity to pass through his hands into the enemy.

actually Godzilla vs King Kong was meant to be Godzilla vs Frankenstein (basically Japan vs Germany) but Frankenstein was replaced with King Kong because it was a more profitable idea than Frankenstein, although did you know in the german translations of Godzilla movies they say most of Godzilla's enemy were Created by Dr. Frankenstein? and that Jet Jaguar is King Kong in a suit? of Course these are very wrong but a nice bit of trivia.

well you see Millenium Godzilla, is just Godzilla, the 3rd one, hes Bigger, Stronger and more Aggressive hes not as Good and except in Final Wars, hes more WTF i feel like doing monster, plus hes the only Godzilla that has a Super Atomic Breath attack which he fires against Orga in Godzilla 2000 and Keizer Ghidorah in Godzilla Final Wars

Defeated but not killed in fact i think the only way he can die is by his heart melting down (his hearts basically a Nuclear power station) which almost Melted down in Godzilla vs Desotroyah, which killed him in that (basically Spontanious Combustion)

WATCH FINAL WARS! it is fucking Awesome, they round up all the good Godzilla monsters and make aliens control them all (except Godzilla and Mothera) and unleash them on humanity.

the movie has Godzilla, Mothera, Minilla, Anguirus, Rodan, King Caesar, Hedorah, Ebirah, Kamacuras, Kumonga, Manda, Gigan, Monster X (new) and Keizer Ghidorah (new)