I passed organic chemistry.

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That's all. That's it. That's the entire post. I made a C on the exam and was able to barely pass. This is pretty much the biggest accomplishment of my entire life. Passing organic chemistry is like marrying a supermodel or winning the lottery or becoming a rockstar.


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Hey, it's certainly better than failing. I failed chemistry(basic) miserably. Failed the first two terms,and my 'guidance counselor'(Oxymoron) suggested I drop it, which was a no-brainer. I did drop it because I didn't really need it to graduate. It was the only class I couldn't use my writing ability in,to save my ass. Oh yeah and Calculus too. My mind just isn't wired for that kind of math, i guess.

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Believe me...

Calculus... and then Differential Equations... can be just about as orgasmic as swimmerguy's (anyone else's) favorite pastime!

Believe me... I've tried them all (and more)!

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Everybody's got me scared of

Everybody's got me scared of calculus now! I don't like classes in which I can't write either. All my friends think I'm weird because I actually don't mind writing papers.

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Congratulations. Organic

Congratulations. Organic chemistry sounds horrible. I didn't even like regular chemistry! I was under the impression we would be doing awesome labs, but instead all we did was balance equations and calculate moles and shit.

I barely made it out of calculus alive, so I know how relieved you must be. And German! Oh my god freakin' German. C's all throughout the year. I hated German more than I hated calculus, and that's really saying something.

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I hated regular chemistry

I hated regular chemistry too. I ended up in organic after some very poor advising... I was told I had to take it and could not take anatomy, but then later I found out I could have taken anatomy but it was too late to switch. I also used to think chem would be all about explosions and fizzy potions and stuff, but of course it wasn't... Stupid moles, ruining my chemistry fun like that.

Oh no, I have calculus next year. Eeek!

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I suppose Elph.

I suppose that could work if you actually get that shit. A good story,poem, or artwork is more likely to get me off better than math.
Calculus was scary. Humbled the shit out of me!

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Calculus can be

Calculus can be scary...initially. But, the nice thing is, it follows a pattern, once you've got your groove ou should be good.

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I hope it's not really hard

I hope it's not really hard :(