It was founded upon a monopoly

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two centuries of depredations and
here is a list of
implacable spirit of destruction
though, in reviewing, the incidents of my administration,
by such acceptance
the trumpeter would hold his breath awhile,
as if according to the meek spirit of the Gospel,
that is an oppression
i see there is peace;
from no desire to gratify my ambitions
and among all other men that draw then the parallel between your life and mine,
there is an imagined funeral,
for have we no tendency to the latter condition
that has what licentious wickedness,
the alternatives, I fear, which such measure presents, so fleeting
heretofore despotic,
do you suppose the echo will not reach the plains of my injured country;
i have nothing to offer
but the requisite
to present the question
'what rightfully belongs to us'
by discovery or imitation
we do not propose to petition the ill-shaped-stripling-of
in these sentiments
I shall not hold you much longer,
for i will only say this to you,
that in truth I could have desired some little time longer,
but I have delivered my conscience
and there is no more
in this world.


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Fiction is one thing...

... but I draw the line at poetry. ;-)

"You can judge the whole world on the sparkle that you think it lacks" - Dawes, When My Time Comes (

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Not poetry...

This transcended poetry!

So many intriguing images; repeated readings, I'm confident, will allow them to find connection. Will work on that...